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What's going on guys in today's video I Want to show you a completely brand new Method on how you can make two dollars And 43 cents every two minutes the Application is going to be dinging all The time making you money but I know Maybe 243 is not a lot but if you're Going to multiply that by 30 because There's 32 minute segments in an hour That's over 72 dollars you are going to Make per hour and if you can do this for Let's say just three hours that's 218 dollars per day you can make from a Zero just by using this brand new money Making method for beginners I'm going to Show you how to do without any skills or Any experience in today's video now I Mean it this is something you've never Seen before because the way this Actually works it's completely fail Proof it uses a new marketing angle and Anybody can do it right now the Potential is unlimited and also you can Make thousands of dollars with this one But I don't want to be promising that Because I know some people when they get Started they just make I don't know 400 Dollars and then they want to use other Method okay they don't want to keep Doing the same method if you keep doing The same exact method I'm going to show Right now you can easily make ten Thousand dollars over time not in a day Not in a month the first month

Definitely the next month but you can do That but before we get started don't Forget to smash like as always subscribe To the channel hit notification Bell Comment down below something super Awesome for YouTube algorithm and let's Get started with a step-by-step video Tutorial okay so the step number one What we are going to be doing is we are Going to be using CPA offers from CPA Group.com feel free to use for people Who are going to make a lot more money Just go with offers from tap mob okay go With tap mob and use these offers Because instead of two dollars and 43 Cents these are going to be paying you Six dollars okay there's plenty of them That are going to be paying you six Dollars all of these are going to be Paying you six dollars over and over Again so if we're actually going to I'm Going to actually calculate that very Quickly if we are going to talk about Six dollars every two minutes so that's Like times 30 that's 180 dollars per hour okay 180 dollars Per hour times three hours five hundred And forty dollars per day okay but for The sake of the video just to make it Super easy I'm going to go with CPA grip So go to CPA grip and you want to log Into your account and soon you are going To be the person that's going to be Shouting out that he's making like

Thousands of dollars just like all these People do right here you can actually be One of the person like thousand it's Definitely not far it's definitely not Far but if you want to be using a tap Mop check out the video link in the Description the link in the video Description I always mess it up how to Sign up for tap mop you need an invite Invitation code I highly recommend you Going to do that now for the offers what You want to do is you want to go to the Offers on the left hand side right here And you want to select the country United States we are going for us only Go with United States right here and It's going to show you the offers when It actually decides to load up because Obviously I'm recording the video so it Doesn't really want to load up but I Want to go with this email submit it of Some kind of a giveaway okay giveaway Offer there's plenty of them in tap map I don't want to shout out them in this Video because then it's gonna get Saturated but let's go with like an IPhone gift card not the iPhone gift Card but iPhone CPA offer or a cash App Gift card okay so for example a PayPal Gift card right here and this is pretty Much it okay thousand dollar PayPal gift Card to spend uh email zip submit this Is for Android but it's going to Auto Detect what the kind of like the engine

Service the people are using the device They are using that's the correct word Device and it's going to send them to The appropriate offer okay so this is The offer we want to be doing now we are Going to be sending a lot of traffic Right here and I'm going to show you how To do that but for that we need to go to Canva first now what you are looking for Is like the layout of the like like an Instagram story or any kind of like uh Vertical layout so I want to click on Create a blank one and this is this we Need to create two of them okay so first One is going to be like a background and We want to go with like a black Background okay it's like black Background and the the thing we are Going doing right now is going to be a Different marketing strategy because What most people do with this method is They just go right away like hey check It out bam this is the link no we want To change the pattern okay because That's something overused if you're Going to use this right now you are Going to be the first person to actually Make the most amount of money with this So go with text and you want to put Their heading and you want to write There so the first one is are you from Us do you use PayPal pay attention to The next story for your own benefit so That's just the text now go to the

Elements and search for US flag and just Want to input like this US flag right Here so it's going to get a lot more Attention right here and also I'm going To duplicate it and put it right here so Are you from us yes okay so it's going To scream United States only and then we Want to get like a swipe swipe right Type of Icon swipe right and this is Pretty much already are looking for so Go with a free one and then put it at The bottom okay somewhere like this this Is the first one then I'm going to click On add a page and it's going to kind of Like duplicate it and now what you want To write here if you use PayPal check This out there is a website out there That currently gives out thousand dollar Gift cards if you're qualified by Answering a few questions obviously not Everybody wins but it's worth the shot Takes just three minutes and that's it No call to action because we don't Really need it for now but pretty much You can use this template for anything So for example are you from any other Country but maybe from us and then not Do you use PayPal but for example if You're going to go with like a uh again My favorite PS5 right here do you like To get PlayStation or do you play Playstation do you like PlayStation Network or whatever and then pretty much There is a website out there that

Currently gives out PS5 and that's it You can just copy and paste it okay this Is the template the first one is going To get curiosity the second one tells More information because if you just put This there people just like okay skip That's it they don't want to read dead But if you're like okay I am from us and I use PayPal now they are going to get Curious like okay why is this person Asking me these questions you're just Going to they're just going to read this And they are going to take action now What you want to do right now is you Want to go and share you want to Download this and you want to download This as a PNG and select all pages so It's going to download these two images Separately don't download them like one Or like a PDF just download them Separately and you can see I already Have them right here and now pretty much What I want to show you is how to get Completely free traffic by using these Images first of all if you don't want to Invest any money from your own pocket Highly recommend just go to coinbase.com Go to coinbase and then they are giving Away currently 25 free money this is Free money that you can receive into Your coinbase account and then we drop It to your credit card or card or debit Card it's in cryptocurrency and you just Click on transfer and it's going going

To go from some random cryptocurrency You can see it right here like from Sping you earn 15 in shipping it's going To convert it from Shipping into like US Dollars same here and MP from amp to US Dollars from graph to to US dollars from Near protocol to US Dollars these 15 It's a brand new one there brand new you Can just literally they are giving away Free money with no questions asked okay I'm not even gonna give you my affiliate Link okay because that's how good this Is I just want you to get some free Money then once you're going to get Money from coinbase you want to go to Google and search for shout card and you Want to go for the first search result Right here and it's going to take you to This website then click on influencers And it's pretty much like a marketplace Where you can buy shout outs from Influencers on Instagram so you can Either go to Instagram and search for Like wealth and search for like a very Like not really very small but like a Smaller page because with those 25 Dollars you are not going to be able to Go to wealth and buy a shout out let's Be honest but if you click on this Little icon right here it's going to Show you similar pages okay so you want To go and dig through these pages that Are similar right here and pretty much Just go through them again this one is a

Very big one so click on this one right Here and just go through a couple of Them okay you can also go for like basic Ones that are just theme pages in any Kind of category because pretty much PayPal gift card is for anybody also Like Alpha motivation right here this is Like 1.9 million so we are getting uh Closer to smaller numbers let me just Check it out and just Winner's mindset Build Alpha this is it okay this is much Better and this is one million that's Still too much for 25 dollars just find A page or find it on shout card because On shout card you can actually see the Prices so for example I'm going to go With like this person right here which Is selling for like 85 or this one right Here fifty dollars and when I click on That page you want to order and this is Very important you want to order a story Shout out with a link because the link Is going to go right here okay right Here in this section there's going to be A link where people can click and Because it's a bio it's only there for 24 hours so people these pages are going To shout out pretty much anything even Like CP offers like these because Sometimes you don't like to do that Because they are not like shady but it's Like they don't want to do that but all You got to do is you can see this page Fifty dollars for a permanent post but

For IG story plus link is twenty dollars Okay twenty dollars and what you want to Do because this is something that most People are not doing with shout outs but They are doing it with a paid Advertising when you go through your Stories on Instagram you see these paid Advertisements from Facebook where it's Like three stories but people don't do That on the shout outs it's like Untapped Niche so you want to use this One send them to images ask if they can Do that most of the times they are going To say yes because it's something like They don't care if they put like one or Two images if they are related if it's Like a different ad they don't do that That's like don't even ask for that but If they are going to oppose like one Advertisement and it looks like Something like this then yeah most People are going to take action you can Even tell them you're going to split the Revenue with them okay so that's that's How you do that add to cart for twenty Dollars those twenty dollars are going To go from coinbase and once you're Going to make money once you get like I Don't know there's like uh let's go with There's 458 000 followers let's say it's just like 100 of them are going to complete the Offer that's like 243 dollars you will Make just from a shout out then what you

Want to do is rinse and repeat different CPA offers different pages use that map To make even more money because instead Of 243 dollars you would make 600 and That's a huge difference okay now go Ahead take action on this it's Completely untapped it's completely new Nobody is using two bio posts on these Shout outs it's going to completely Change the conversion rate and if you Are going to be pretty much fast you are Not going to pay anything more for the Shout outs because most people don't Like to do them but they are super super Profitable and that's it I hope you Enjoyed this method please let me know What you think about it in the comment Section below and for next video check Out this one right here and I will see You there bye for now

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