NEW Way To Earn +$1,000/WEEKLY Without ANY Investment! (Make Money Online For Beginners in 2022)

Okay so check this out you can see that This month I was able to make nine point Eight thousand dollars but if I go to The last week I was able to make four Point three thousand dollars in just Seven days but I got something even Better for you you can see this guy Arnold is actually a viewer of inkayito Money and I was chatting with him and Pretty much he told me that he’s been Actually doing one of the methods on my Channel and he’s currently making over One thousand dollars per week in the Recurring income now one thousand Dollars per week that’s over four Thousand dollars per month and he’s Pretty much using just one of my methods From my channel and using multiple free Traffic methods to actually build up This recurring income okay you might be Wondering okay but what is he doing Actually how is he making this amount of Money well in today’s video guys I’m Going to show you exactly that first I’m Going to show you exactly how he’s Actually making over four thousand Dollars dollars per month in recurring Income how it actually works and then Later on in the video I’m going to share With you a completely brand new free Traffic method that you can use to start Making taking recurring income per month Completely for free without any Investment without paying for

Autoresponders without paying for Traffic without creating any videos Yourself just by using a free tool and a Very sneaky method of actually getting Free targeted visitors that works Completely worldwide and before we get Started if you like videos about making Money online don’t forget to please Smash the like on this one I would Really appreciate it and let’s try and Get to 1 000 likes on this video and Also don’t forget to subscribe and Notification Bell if you like videos About making money online so in the Future I can always notify you when I Post a brand new money making method and Also guys comment down below and tell me One more time what giveaway should I be Doing for 100 000 subscribers and very Very soon the giveaway winners are going To be announced on this channel so make Sure to comment down below you might win Actually the price you are going to Recommend and also subscribe and hit Notification Bell so you are going to be Notified about the giveaway winners as Well okay so let’s get started the Method now I’m super excited about this One because this is literally I’m just Sharing with you something that’s Working actually for my student that has Been watching my videos I’ve been Sharing these methods on the channel Already but if you are not making the

Money that you want to be making like One thousand dollars per week at least Then you gotta watch this video because Chances are you can be doing it just by Watching what I’m going to show you Today so you can see this is Arnold and Pretty much she’s been making one Thousand dollars per week in recurring Income now this is something that I Still don’t understand how some people Comment it doesn’t work they just must Be lazy or something I personally use All your free traffic methods some are Already in the others I completely Understand this I completely agree with This one because some better methods are Betty and the others but for some people Some methods are not going to click so Hopefully this method is going to click With you and also comment down below if This method is going to click with you So I know which is actually a good Method or if it’s actually best method For my viewers nevertheless it just Works so what you want to do first you Want to go to now if you Don’t have an account just go to the Login section this is a hack click on The login and then you want to create Your account right here click on create An account here so you don’t have to go Go through the annoying survey like this It’s going to take you through a survey Where you need to fill out all the

Information they are going to ask you a Bunch of questions like this and yeah It’s just time consuming just click on Login and click on create your account Right here you just want to navigate to The Marketplace and pretty much the Offer I’m going to reveal the exact Offer that he used okay what you want to Do is you want to go to the search Section you want to put their free Traffic And this is the offer that you used free Traffic system flood your sites with Free traffic you can see the average Conversion is 486 dollars but it Actually has a recurring of 32 dollars Now to actually make like four thousand Dollars per month using this offer you Really just need to get like 125 sales Now these are just two dollar sales and They are going to be paying you every Single month now obviously he didn’t do It in just like one or two days it took Him some time but the good thing about This method is you are building this up It’s not like a one-time sale it’s like You get a sale today but you are going To get paid for it for the next few Months at least and you can be building Up these sales and currently Arnold has Over 225 actual subscriptions because Otherwise he will not be making like one Thousand dollars per week I guess that’s The amount he’s making because 1K per

Week can be like 1K per month and he Made all the sales in a week or it can Be also 1K every week and it’s like four Thousand dollars per month let’s hope we Are going to go with the better case so This is the affiliate offer you want to Use the next step what you want to do is You want to go to the sales page of the Affiliate offer now keep it open and Then go to now click on create A design and we are really looking for Like a custom design and we just want to Put there like 1000 times 1000 pixels Okay like 1000 times 1000 so it’s going To be a square image then what you want To do is you want to go to the sales Page of the offer you want to screenshot This entire part right here just like This you want to just screenshot it just Try to make it like a square it doesn’t Need to be perfect square then copy it And then you just want to paste it into Canva okay just like this and then Obviously resize it accordingly so it’s Going to fit the entire screen now if There are some white spaces just make Sure you’re going to resize it just a Little bit more to get rid of the white Spaces and what you want to add here Just add your text like check this out Then this is going to be the image and Then at the bottom you want to add it Text that’s going to say updated for and Then you want to add the current month

So if you are doing this in May you want To do there like may may for May 2022 if You are doing it for like September September 2022 because you can do this Method later on some people are going to Watch the video later on so just put Their current month so update it for October 2022 okay so this is going to be Our image and then just click right here On share click on download right here And you just want to download it as a PNG and wait for it to download The Next Step what you want to do is you want to Go to YouTube guys and you just want to Find a related video to the niche that You are promoting so for example for our Niche right here this is make money Online Niche we want to find some make Money online videos If you are going to Be promoting an offer because you can Use this for any offer as well but I Recommend these two because they are Going to be paying you on monthly basis You can use this for for example like E-Business or cooking food and wine you Can find another offer and you can just Find a video related to that but for This example for like make money online Or free traffic system you just want to Use some YouTube video that’s going to Be about making money online now one Example you can use which I’m going to Shamelessly plug is going to be my Channel you can use my videos okay you

Can use maybe other people’s videos but Might as well recommend my videos so one Of the videos you can use is just go to My channel right here and just pick up Any of my videos I’m going to go with The most recent one right here okay and What you want to do is you want to Pretty much click on share right here Where it says share and just copy this YouTube video link okay this is Something we are going to be using very Very soon and the next thing you want to Do is you want to go to this is A free software we are going to be using You can see my free trial expired but It’s still working then go right here Where it says create a new ad and just Want to call it for example incg ad Click on ADD so many ads and pretty much First of all what you want to do is you Want to select the evil pop-up and you Want to select an image okay evil pop-up And image now show after this is very Important for this method make sure it’s Going to be after like 30 seconds okay 30 seconds upload an image this is where You want to upload the image we have Downloaded from canva now what you want To do is you want to grab your affiliate Link from ClickBank click on create hop Link copy it go back to right clip and This is what you want to pretty much Customize instead of button link put There your affiliate link then button

Button text you want to put their watch Now Because we we are kind of like Anticipating a video on the sales page Then logo link again earlier after that Link and then pretty much logo text add A video and that’s pretty much it click On done now this is done okay but what We really need to do is now add this Advertisement somewhere at the place Where we are going to be adding it is Going to be this YouTube video so you Want to grab this YouTube video and then Place it right here place your ad on any Link and make sure to select the ADD and Click on create a link with ad now when We visit the link this is how it’s going To look like so there’s only the video It’s like floating on a high quality Landing page and after 30 seconds let’s Wait 30 seconds and this is what is Going to show up it’s going to show up a Pop-up that looks just like this and you Can see it check this out newbie Friendly method reveals how we make up To 128 dollars updated for October 2022 Watch now video so they just click right Here somewhere and they are going to go Through your affiliate link and they end Up on the landing page sorry on the Sales page and and pretty much it’s the Exact same thing they see right here so They are going to be like okay let me Check this out actually and that’s how

You’re going to get these sales and now What you need to do is you need to send Traffic to this link now one of the Three ways and actually do this is to Use one of the most popular social media Platforms that’s not Facebook that’s not Twitter that’s not Instagram but that’s Not other than Pinterest guys now what You want to do is just go to then just sign up using Your Gmail account or whatever account You are going to have there if you have A Pinterest account I suppose you have Because you’ve been watching my videos Then you should already have an account If you don’t have an account just sign Up with your Gmail and pretty much what You want to do is go right here where it Says create then you want to create a Pin right here we’re going to create a Pin and now okay everybody what kind of Pin should I create I don’t have any Images should I create another images no What you want to do is again grab the Link of the video that’s going to be on The page right here and then you want to Go to Google and and search for a Thumbnail grabber Go to the first result which is pretty Much website called then Paste it right here hit enter and Bam Now you can actually steal my thumbnails Now if you’re going to use this for this Method I do approve that guys but don’t

Feel my thumbnails please okay because It’s don’t even do that why would you do That nobody has ever built a real Business by stealing someone else’s Thumbnails guys I’ve seen some other Guys stealing my thumbnails but they Don’t get any views so yeah you don’t Get anything from stealing my thumbnails Now just download the thumbnail then you Want to upload it right here just drag And drop it just like this then you want To copy the headline of the video put it On Pinterest right here and then just Copy for example my video description Right here okay copy the video Description place it right here and then Add a destination link now that one is Going to be your right link okay so you All so you are going to have your Affiliate link right there okay just Like this and then pretty much you want To create a new board and call it How to make money online tutorials for Beginners you can create and you want to Publish this then wait for it to publish And you just want to upload multiple Videos like this into this board now I Have plenty of videos on my channel so If you’re going to do this you can see See your pin this is how it’s going to Look like get paid 62.35 minutes okay And then the headline kind of what uh Sorry the thumbnail relates to this okay Okay they see the link right here they

Click there thumbnail they have seen on Pinterest is right here they’re going to Watch it after 30 seconds they are going To see your affiliate link and that’s How you’re going to be making the sales And that’s it for this video guys I hope You enjoyed this method I wish you the Best of luck and please keep me updated On what should be the giveaway for 100 000 subscribers bye for now

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