NEW Way To Make $300/DAY With ChatGPT (For Beginners) Make Money Online 2023

In today's video I'm going to show you How you can make an extra 250 dollars Per day using Chad GPT this is what is Tragic PT this is this brand new AI Software that's going to pretty much Help you automate everything and it's Like a huge opportunity to make money Online using it if you know what you are Doing there's a lot of people out there Showing you all kinds of methods where They are going to tell you to generate An article and then sell the article for Money but the thing is this doesn't work At all because the article that the chat GPT is going to create it is high Quality article but it's still created By AI that means this article is pretty Much like a fact-based article instead Of like a persuasive article created by Human being which is going to make you Do something but in today's video guys I Want to show you a real new method and Tab method that you can use to make real Legit money using chai GPT completely For free and make over 1900 dollars you can see this is my own Account that you can also generate this Money yourself let me just refresh it so You can see this is real 1.9 000 US Dollars the green part right There Let me refresh it one more time One point nine thousand dollars and all You really need to do is just use chat GPT for free do not sell anything at all

And just follow the instructions in this Video now this video is completely free The method is also completely free so The only thing that I'm kindly asking to Do is to please smash the like on this Video I would really appreciate it so You can spread out this method to even More people and help even more people Make money online and also if you like Videos about making money online don't Forget to subscribe and hit notification Bell so I can notify you whenever I Upload a brand new man making video and Also comment down below and tell me how Much money you have earned with chat GPT Using the other method so far so I know If actually they are real because I know Most of them are just about selling Articles and that doesn't really work Anymore because first of all it's Saturated and those articles I really Know that high quality okay so let's get Started now this is Chad GPT now the First step what you actually need to do To make money using it I tried it myself I know it works so this is all you need To do to just replicate it the easiest And fastest way possible so first of all You need to actually go to the software Called jet GPT now it's hosted on this Website called open AI just go to and then click right here on This button that says try chat GPT now If you're going to click there it's

Going to open up this video if you never Use chat GPT before all you need to do Is just sign up with Google other than That it's completely free and now here's How it actually works so if you want Something from this software all you Really need to do is just write it here In this chat box at the bottom now for Example what I can write there is hey Could you please write me a 300 word Blog post about losing weight and if I'm Going to do that the body is going to Write it okay and it's going to take him Some time like sure here is the blog Post and it's pretty much writing it in Real time so it's not going to Auto Generate it just like that it's going to Take some time but you can see it's Going to generate it right in front of Your eyes I'll just leave this going on In the back background because the thing That most people tell you to make money Online with chair GPT is to generate Articles just like these like blog posts Or different types of posts like social Media posts Instagram captions or I Don't know YouTube headlines or whatever And then try to sell them to people to Automate their tasks for a very small Price because you are going to be Getting them for free the thing is most People are going to be doing this Because it takes no effort so the Competition is super super high the

Money you are going to be making from This is super small because it's Generated out of nowhere so you want to Sell it before as fast as possible so You're going to be selling it for cheap And yeah it's saturated and doesn't Really work anymore because this article Is really good it's really high quality But it's still created by Ai and you're Going to go through that you can Actually see like okay it's more like a Fact based article instead of like an Article created by human being which is Going to make you do something for Example I click on a link make you sign Up to something or it's going to make You buy something okay so that's not What you want to be using this for do Not create articles and try to sell them It just doesn't work you'll be wasting Your time now what you actually want to Do with this software is super simple And this is it so first of all go to Your website called this is Going to be the monetization part okay This is just like a very unique Monetization part where you can be Making couple hundred dollars per day Using it okay I will share with you one More monetization part at the end of the Video that you can use to make even more Money but before you actually get there I want to just demonstrate it on this Website okay because I want to make the

Second method less saturated so I will Share it at the end of the video just go To and if you're going to Check this out currently I hope they're Like 236 dollars these are US Dollars These are not some coins 236 dollars and Then overall my current profit using This website is currently 2.8 thousand Dollars so I know this works you can Make a couple thousand dollars just by Using this website alone without Actually completing any surveys on this Because it's like a survey website where You can sign up and then also like Complete surveys and get paid for doing That but that's not something we are Going to be doing okay so just go to you can also find link to Sign up in the video description so you Can sign up and also get some sign up Bonus that's some extra money but I Don't want to be talking about that but Pretty much what you want to do is just Go right here go to the rewards right Here click on the rewards and then just Copy your affiliate link okay that's all You got to do just click on this copy Your link and it's going to copy your Own affiliate link it's going to be Paying you money okay so that's the only Thing you need to do from this website Now also if you're going to be cashing Out the money from this you can use any Of these services so I think pretty much

Any of this is going to be more than Enough for you because I know there's PayPal which most of the people are Using there's Bitcoin there's all kind Of cryptocurrencies there's also like a Visa gift card either gift card as well And also you can withdraw if you like a Gamer you can also withdraw like CS go Skins fortnite Roblox or any like that For some in-game swag okay so you can Use any of these now the one that I Recommend is pretty much PayPal or Visa Gift card but still go with PayPal Because it's the closest to money in Your account so just use PayPal okay Don't really go for any of the other Ones because I mean if you're into Crypto go for it but if you don't know Anything about that just use PayPal and You are going to be good to go then when You are going to be withdrawing money You click there and you can just Withdraw from like five dollars five ten Twenty Thirty fifty seventy five hundred Or two hundred dollars I can just Exchange the money you're going to make You on this website so this is how my Affiliate link looks like so it goes Like Incognito and this is something you want To say okay so this is going to be your Affiliate link now the next thing that You want to do is now you want to go to just go to and just

Sign up for an account okay and pretty Much what you want to do is go to search Right here and you just want to search Something related to like making money Online so for example make money online Or you can also go with like how to make Money online just search for something Like this and you're going to find a lot A lot of questions okay and what you Want to do is depending on the niche That you are in because you can use this For other niches as well you want to go For the ones that have the most amount Of followers because if you're going to Like use this question not only you are Going to answer this question to the Person that has posted it you're going To answer it to over 14 000 people as Well who have subscribed to check out These questions so you can see 14 000 People just from one question it's super Super simple and yeah it has huge Potential because I mean you can just Like direct message 14 000 people who Are interested in making money online Then 6 000 right here 3.2 000 right here 2.9 000 right here 4.3 there's thousands Of people now all we need to do right Now is just for example what's the Easiest way to make money online this is Just one of the questions just click on It it's going to give you the most Popular questions okay so these are the Most popular ones that are showing up

Right here but once you're going to open It then you're going to see on the right Hand section there are more niched down Questions with a little bit less answers A little bit less people following them But that are going to get you even more Traffic okay so related questions what Is the easiest way to make money online How do I make money online without Spending money what are the legitimate Ways to earn money online what is the Best way to make money online how do I Make money online very fast from a Mobile so you can see these are not just Some generic questions like how to make Money online how to make money online in 2023 these are more niched down okay and When you're going to click on those and You're going to open up those questions There's even more Niche down questions Right here so these are the ones you Want to find for your Niche so enter Your weight loss whether you are in I Don't know woodworking whether you are In dog training just search for that on The quora so how to make money online Search for like dog training and then Find the questions on the right hand Side for your specific Niche and what You want to do you want to copy and Paste the quora question go back to chat GPT and then you just want to write here Hey can you please write a 300 word Response for this question and copy and

Paste it so this is how it's going to Look like and just hit enter and you're Going to see that the chat GPT is going To write a blog post about it I know by Blog post but let's go with the blog Post I think the 300 300 word response Is like a black response or whatever and You can see this is going to create the Answer for you now all you need to do is Just wait a few seconds or wait a few Yeah minutes not even minutes just few Seconds while it's going to actually Generate the answer for you and yeah Just wait for it and Pam now we have our Answer ready to go and now pretty much All you need to do is just copy and Paste this answer go back to quora you Just want to paste it right there and Just make sure it's going to look very Nice just like this and then at the Bottom what you want to do you just want To write there by the way this is one of The legitimate advice sizes actually pay You for completing a few tasks online They give up they give a sign up bonus And pay to PayPal thought you'd like it Yes I do get a little Kickback from you Signing up but you get a bonus as well So you want to be completely honest when You are promoting the free cash website But if you are in a different Niche for Example like a DAC training you can go To ClickBank and get an affiliate offer From there or if you're in like a weight

Loss you can be promoting some weight Loss supplements some weight loss video Some weight loss CPA offer literally Make money online you can be promoting Free cash or other CPA offers from other CPA networks which are going to be Paying you a couple dollars for Completely free sign up and I will show You the CPA first in just a second but Make sure you are also going to add your Links you want to just copy it and then You want to highlight this entire part And then click on these letters right Here and the link is going to be hidden Right here just paste it right there and Click on ADD okay and then link is added Right there now if you have a more Complex affiliate link like from ClickBank or did you store what you want To do is you don't want to be Highlighting the Link in the post Directly we want to create a super Simple landing page on Google sites this Is one that I created for free cash and This is something you want to create Also for free cash if you want to Maximize your earnings you can simply Watch my other video tutorial where I Created this landing page but in short There's a super simple headline and a Video tutorial of me actually showing The free cash and then at the bottom is Going to be your affiliate link so not Only delegate a tutorial because my some

People might be skeptical when they are Signing up to these website they will See that it's real and they can sign up Using actually your affiliate link so a Super simple landing page can be created For other affiliate offers where you Cannot directly post your affiliate link Because it looks ugly and yeah your post Will get flagged now the website where You can make like 1.9 thousand dollars And when you can actually make more Money using this exact method instead of Using the free cash it's actually called The tab map IO now you can see they are Going to be paying you like six dollars For every single cpf offer and if you're Going to combine it with chat GPT Instead of just making like a couple Hundred dollars on free cash you can Make a couple thousand dollars using the Tab map IO the website is called tap map IO you can see it right here so I also Created a complete tutorial showing you How to sign up to tab map so I highly Recommend to you because you are Watching this video till the end is to Use chat GPT with quora but instead of Using the free cash use that map IO just Like I'm going to show you in this video Right here click here and I will see you There bye for now

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