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What's going on guys in today's video I'm going to show you a brand new Website that you can use to make over 80 Every single hour by using it and all You got to do is just copy and paste I'm Going to show you a completely Fail-proof video you can use this Website completely for free start Getting your first results in the first Like hour right after watching this Video and all you got to do is just copy And paste couple things that I'm going To show you how to find online add your Affiliate link and make some easy money Because this website is actually going To be sending you traffic on complete Autopilot but before we get started Don't forget to please smash the like Also let's try and get to 1000 likes on This video that'll be really awesome and Also if you like videos about making Money online don't forget to subscribe And notification Bell so I can notify You whenever I upload a brand new money Making video it's gonna be the first Time to use it and also first one to Make the most amount of money because After some while if a lot of people do These methods they get slightly Saturated so what I recommend is either Use the method right away or also go Through my YouTube channel and check out Some videos from a couple months ago Because those methods currently nobody

Is doing them but they have huge Potential and if you're going to use Them they're completely an unsaturated But right now let's get started with the Step-by-step tutorial now step number One guys what we actually need is need To have some kind of a website that's Going to be paying us out now the method I'm going to show you right now it's so Powerful because it's going to be using A brand new website that's going to be Sending a traffic so you can literally Do this method for any kind of Monetization service for example like CPA offers you can use with CPA grip you Can also use ClickBank if you want to be Making money on ClickBank you can also Make money on a digistore 24 but what I'm going to do for this method is that I'm going to be using Warrior plus this Is a network where I'm pretty much Making money with my income your profit System and I just want to show you that Today is actually very good day and That's also the reason why I'm recording This video on Warrior plus because I Have some good numbers to flex I made 1.1 thousand dollars today almost 1.2 Thousand dollars already yesterday 738 Dollars and pretty much the last seven Days over one thousand dollars every Single day on average on average Obviously because yesterday I didn't Make thousand dollars but some days you

Can see right here actually made a 40 Like 1.4 000 1.4 000 right here they Obviously made up for the lack of Thousand dollar days on other days Pretty much last month I'm in 26 gate And when I go to last 30 days 28 and This month so far 26 800 I hopefully Build closing at thirty thousand dollars This month by the way if you want to Learn exactly how I'm making this amount Of money on the warrior Plus without Ever showing my face online then check Out the ink I need to profit system in The link in the video description and Check it out it's my coaching program It's not free it's definitely not free If you don't have money to invest Obviously you won't be making this Amount of money but if you are serious About making money online definitely Check it out so you go to Warrior plus And you simply just go to the affiliate You click on the offers and you're going To land on this page now pretty much What I like to use Warrior plus there's A couple of reasons one of them there's Always new fresh offers about the Current things that are happening for Example right here there is a chat GPT Empire product pretty much an affiliate Product that you can promote there is so Much high power chat GPT but pretty much No ways to actually monetize it so this Is like a very good way to actually

Monetize chair GPT traffic you can sell It and also another way why I do Recommend using Warrior plus and I love Using it is because you can see all the Numbers for the offers like how many Sales conversion rate visit the value And all the good stuff and also refund The rate so when you are promoting a Product you know it's a good product First but also that you are not going to Get like tons of refunds because when You make like 100 sales the last thing You want like 50 of them get refunded so You can see that's not going to be Happening with the products that have Like one percent conversion rate now What we are going to be doing pretty Much right now is I'm going to show you How to pick up an offer but you can Pretty much do it for any offer out There like weight loss CPA make money Online or chat GPT now what you can do Is again pick up any affiliate offer Like chat GPT I'm going to show you it An example there as well but what I'm Going to go for is going to be this one Right here called Phoenix reloaded you Can search for it if you can find it and It's going to be pretty much about make Money online angle I know that because I'm already promoting this offer and Also as you know from Warrior plus where I do promote offers I like to get like a Commission bump so that's what I'm doing

Right here I'm having 80 of the Commissions instead of the basic 50. so That's the reason why I would be using This offer but you can also use like Chat gbt Empire to go with a different Niche but I recommend because this video When it's going to go live plenty of These ways are going to get saturated I Recommend picking up an offer that I did Not mention in this video because that's How you're going to be on top of Everybody and pretty much be in a Complete unsaturated pool of traffic but What I'm going to do is I'm going to use Phoenix reloaded so I will click on the Resells page and you're going to check Out the sales page but you just want to Know what is this product about it's Making us thousand dollars for daily Passively here's how we can replicate Blah blah blah make money online that's It make money online so this is what you Want to do now the next step is you want To go to canva and you want to just Search for like ebook Okay and we are Going to just create a layout that's in The like ebook format for example okay I'm just going to select one of the Templates now I'm going to go with this One basic design you just want to make Sure that it's going to be a free Template and it's not going to not going To have this crown that means it's Either paid or you need to pay for a

Premium you can see this one doesn't Have it so I'm just going to use this One and I'm going to show you exactly What you are supposed to do with it so First of all I'm going to get rid of the Author name and I'm going to write here And you just want to use the same exact Kind of like template and it's going to Be like top x amount of things so for Example top seven ways just like this And it's going to be to make money On PayPal okay just for an example Because it's about making money online So I'm going to use to make money on PayPal and I'm going to make this one a Little bit smaller and this one a little Bit bigger just like this okay so it's Going to look something like this and Also I'm just going to line spacing a Little bit more I'm going to write part One and just like this delete this part And then go back to elements and search For like PayPal and it's going to pop up This graphic it's pretty right here for Example and maybe change the color to Like a blue Yeah like a PayPal color just like this Maybe add it here and this one right Here okay just like this so this is Something you want to create again if You are in weight loss put their top Anywhere from three to like seven ways Anything more than seven is kind of like You don't need that and anything less

Than three is like it's not even top It's like two tips or two ways or two Methods so just something like top 10 Ways to make money on PayPal then click On share and click on download and Pretty much download it as fully resized BNG just like this then the next step You just want to go to the Google Docs And you just want to put it right there Okay just put it right there and then to Fully resize it then click on the image You want to click on the image and then You want to just drag these margins on The left hand side all the way to the Top just make sure you click on the Image otherwise it's going to drag it For the entire document we just want it To be dragging for the image and then Also the top ones to the left and top One to the right and then just make sure You're going to resize it for the entire Page and you can see there's something Missing out don't worry just side resize Through it then right click click on Crop image and then just crop it from The top until the entire part is on the Page okay so just like this for example Just a little bit more I want to have That yellow part there and then hit Enter okay and Bam that's it that's what We have so this is going to be now the E-cover for this little document that we Have created and then pretty much just Hit enter and I just want to write a

Headline to have some ways to make money On PayPal and then just pretty much make It bigger and change the phone to like Monster Rod that's the one that I like And also maybe Center it and this is now Where we're going to be doing all the Copy and pasting and now either go to GPT go to Google and just search for Like top ways to make money on PayPal And then you can see 10 best ways to Earn PayPal money just go there you can See 19 31 13 8 and again you just want To have like seven right now okay and You're going to accept the cookies and Again I'm going to copy and paste this Part for example and this is actually Like an affiliate for this uh surveys You can either get your affiliate link Or just copy and paste it so answering Online surveys okay okay and I'm just Going to copy and paste this part okay Just like this and then pretty much put It right here and obviously just style It so it's not going to be through the Entire page make the font like medium And also make it like 14 okay so just Like this so this is the way number one Now this is the first one then just go To insert at the top and then you just Want to insert headers and Footers and Insert a footer Okay cooking footer and Then you just want to write call to Action for the affiliate offer so it's Making us ten thousand dollars every

Passively here so you can replicate it So I'm going to hit right here click Here to watch how are we making one Thousand dollars per day passively on PayPal And I'll add a video just like this Video I'm going to get my affiliate link For this affiliate offer so if you need To reload it I will just copy that part And put it right here and add Maya Filling there make it bold make it Center and change it to like Railway Okay so it's going to be different okay And now the link is going to be in every Single footer of every single page after This so now after this one you just want To click on control and enter and it's Going to give you a new page okay and Just change the margin again and you Just want to copy and paste this part Just like this right here and again make This one styled exactly like this one And add the style Coolio just like this And then again you can see the link is Already there and then again just put Number two okay Just like this copy and paste bam and That's it and I do it for all the seven But for the sake of the video I'm just Going to do it for two just do it for Almost seven of them and then just name It whatever you want by click on file And you just want to click on download Right here I will assume it if possible

Okay on download and then right here Click on a PDF document and then this is What we actually created now remember You want to have seven of these tips Because it's seven don't do just two Because top two is like it's nothing but Top seven ways to make money on PayPal Part one top seven is doing money on PayPal blah blah blah then the link blah Blah blah and link again blah blah blah So this is what you want to create a Simple copy and paste document just like This and now what I want to show you is Going to be this website which is Getting 61 million visitors every single Month it's completely on the chat and Tab and pretty much 10 of them are from United States so that's like six million Visitors every single month you're going To get for free from United States or 60 000 60 million of them all from all the Countries okay I just want to go to this Website and just go right here to upload Okay then click on choose a file right Here upload your PDF that we have just Created and click on I'm not the robot And click on continue and then you just Want to click on unpublished draft paper And you just want to call it something Now the best thing to call it is Actually the headline of what is in the PDF so this is like top seven ways to Make money on PayPal and then the Website is already going to create get

An abstract of what is inside so that's Why you want to put some value there and Don't just put there something random Make sure you're going to put there Something very good so it's going to get The abstract from it and it's going to Look decent then just enter like Publication names I'm going to again add Top 10 ways to make money on PayPal Added years to 2023 no number okay then Research interest and then you want to Pretty much add this it's called Interest but it's actually like keywords Or categories where to submit this and Just want to add whatever is Corresponding with these ones so it's Like fast best ways to make money online Internet marketing affiliate marketing PayPal or how to make money online 2021 And also how to make money online 2023 Because it's going to notify okay this Category is not there it's going to Notify the followers of this category You can see when I go there like PayPal You can see how many followers it has And when you're going to pretty much add It to this category it's going to notify These people that's how you're going to Get the free traffic it's not like going To sit there and just randomly collect People it will do that but also all of These categories are going to get Notified what you want to do though is You always want to just add categories

That are related to the PDF that you Created because if people are going to Report you that they are not interested In it it's going to get taken down so Just make sure you're going to create a Category or add a category that's Related so how to make money online and Also one more thing I'm going to add Online marketing okay so online Marketing techniques you can see 36 000 Followers okay so this is how you're Going to get it and then pretty much Just set the section for drafts and then Click right here on Save and finish and Then it's there tops and wasting money On PayPal it's going to convert the Document into PDF so they can also Download it themselves and this is how You're going to get the traffic now the Website is actually called Academia edu So it's like a legit PDF sharing or Document sharing websites it's pretty Much called Academia.edu.academia.edu it's right Here Academia.edu I'm just going to share it For a super simple second for a few Minutes so you can go through it write It down and most people are not going to Get access to it that's how keep these Methods and saturated therefore people Are watching till the end they always Get all the information and what you Want to do is just create multiple

Documents just like this for example Tops and ways to make money on PayPal Top selling ways to make money online With of affiliate marketing and all These different top and x amount of ways Put them there at your affiliate link And this website is going to send you These affiliate links and you can make Anywhere from like 80 per hour to over 200 dollars just from one of this Document because for example for Phoenix Reloaded if the person is just going to Buy buy the main product from which I Will get 12 and for example they are Going to end up buying like this one Simple upsell nothing else than just This simple upsell I already made like 170 dollars almost in affiliate Commissions for just one PDF and how Long it took me it took me like a few Minutes to create it so if you're going To create 10 of them and for example Five people are going to do that that's Over 500 in affiliate commissions that You generated and then what I recommend Highly recommend is to spend that money On online advertising to actually make More money and don't just cash it out And that's exactly pretty much what I'm Doing with my Inca in the profit system So if you are interested in learning Exactly how I'm making this amount of Money then click on the link in the Video description or check out this

Video right here where I'm going to show You step by step how making this amount Of money in more detail and you can Check out the Inca in the profit system 2.0 as well click here and I'll see you Here bye for now

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