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By the end of the video you’re going to See exactly how to earn five dollars Every six minutes using a brand new Method and a completely free traffic Method that has never been shared on This channel in fact using this method You can see right here my students have Been able to make over two thousand Dollars and this was made all completely For free now this is going to be making Roughly five dollars every six minutes Which means you’re going to be getting Paid 50 dollars per hour and that also Means because this method is going to be Working for you 24 7. you are going to Get paid one thousand two hundred Dollars possibly per day if you’re going To be using this method just like I’m Going to show you today now for this all You need to do just get your smartphone And watch this video from beginning to The end because at the end of the video I’m going to be showing you the free Traffic methods that you don’t want to Miss out on because you can actually use Them in a completely different ways Which I will also tell you at the end of The video now just before get started Don’t forget to smash the like on this Video let’s try and get to 1 000 likes On this one and also if you like videos About making money online and you want To quit your day job don’t forget to Subscribe because I post videos just

Like this every other day on this Channel teaching you all kinds of Different ways of making money online And also guys comment down below and Tell me how long you have been watching My videos so I know if I have returning Viewers or people that are just watching Here and there just comment down below How long you have been watching the ink Guide into my YouTube channel alright so For step number one for this method what You need to do guys is go to a website Called tap mob IO now this is pretty Much a private exclusive invite only CPA Network that has completely unmatched Payouts now this one is going to be Paying you like five dollars for a Completely free sign up which most other CPA networks are going to be paying you Like two dollars to 30 to 40 but for Some of these CPA offers that tap map Actually has access to you are going to Be getting paid five dollars and this is Pretty much something you are not going To find anywhere else I have recorded Videos about that man before but this Method that I’m going to show you right Now is something you can use to make Hundreds if not thousands of dollars Especially right now and capitalize on a Huge Trend that is happening very very Soon what you want to do is you want to Download the application on app store or Google Play now as I said this is a

Private invite only application so when They are going to pretty much ask you For a sign up code what you need to do Is you need to enter this code right Here 8964 and tell them you are coming from a Channel Incognito money because they Don’t really allow anybody to join the Network because they really want to keep It high quality but if you’re going to Enter this code they know you are coming From me and if you’re going to tell them You are going to be using the methods on This channel they know that the methods On this channel are high quality and They’re most likely going to approve you Then once you’re going to be inside of Your application this is how it’s going To be looking like I wasn’t really using It for the past couple of days but if I Go to the payments you can see I still Have the money that I made and I still Did not request the payout because I’m a Lazy guy but very much you can see that The team that I created using my YouTube Channel was able to make over two Thousand dollars already two thousand Dollars in CPA commissions that they Were able to make just by using the Methods on this channel and the method I’m going to show you right now is going To be no different and you can make Yourself you alone over two thousand Dollars by doing this now what you want

To do is you want to go to the offers at The bottom left corner and this is where You can find all the offers that are Pretty much available right now now Pretty much the one after that I want You to go for right now is this one Right here called iPhone 14 pretty much For every single completely free sign up To this CPA offer you are going to be Getting paid five dollars now the method That I will show you in today’s video is Also going to be working for all of the Other offers like PlayStation Roblox Airpods Amazon gift card any of these uh CPA offers but I will show you step by Step how to do it for the iPhone and Then you can pretty much do the same Thing for other their CP offers now what You want to do is this affiliate link Right here you want to pretty much copy And paste it into your desktop now the Next part or the entire video or most of These methods that are using tab map can Be definitely done on your smartphone But it’s really hard for me to explain And teach you how to do it on the Smartphone so what I’m going to do is I’m going to show you how to do that on The desktop so you can follow along and Pretty much learn more efficiently so Now that we have this affiliate offer I’m going to call it iPhone 14. The Next Step what you want to do is you want to Go to canva.com then right here where

It’s going to say search your content on Canva you want to put here like PDF Halloween okay and you’re going to see Exactly what we are going to be doing Then just scroll down and pick up any of These templates now I want pretty much Like this one right here so I’m going to Go for this one you really just want to Pick up a template that’s going to Capture your attention and it needs to Have the PDF resolution so like A4 like A paper okay not something long like This one but something basic like this Now pretty much we have this one right Here and what we want to do is create a Very simple Halloween theme PDF because Halloween or any holidays depending on The time of the year currently Halloween Is just around the corner and you can Capitalize big time on this holiday so Pretty much one thing you can do is just Keep it as it is and then change the Element colors to like orange and red Because I guess that’s kind of like a Halloween theme and you can see already It pretty much has the Halloween theme And also if I change the color right Here also change the color right here it Pretty much has the entire Halloween Theme already and also I just gotta Change the colors of these two as well So let’s make it orange and let’s change This one to Orange as well or just like This and you can see it’s much more

Halloweeny right now it’s pretty much Orange also the background is blue but It’s not really noticeable now what you Want to do is create something like this So essentially like massive Halloween Giveaway win iPhone 14 also you can Change it for any other CPA for like win Airpods or Amazon gift card then just Get an image and then pretty much end uh Add here click here to enter and then For example search for like a pumpkin Right here because it’s Halloween so if It’s Christmas it can be Christmas Giveaway if it’s like Easter it can be Easter giveaway so whatever kind of Holiday you have around the corner you Can just pretty much use it I’m just Going to add this little pumpkin right There pretty much make it like a theme Of Halloween okay so something like this So one pumpkin right here and let’s go For another pumpkin uh I don’t like this One and let’s add this one Pretty much right here okay so something Like this to make like a Halloween theme Now this is a thing that most people Don’t actually know about in canvas what You can simply do is you can just grab Your affiliate link this is going to be Your affiliate link you want to just Copy that and you can pretty much click On this part right here so click on the Click here to enter and then go right Here you can actually insert a link into

The image and this is something crazy Because in most like editors like if you Are creating an image you cannot really Enter a link but this one you can you Just enter a link and you can see link Has been added and now here is the most Important part when you’re going to Click on share right here what you want To do is you want to pretty much Download this right here but you don’t Want to download it as a PNG you want to Download it as a PDF standard just click On PDF standard that’s why we have Created the PDF resolution and then you Want to click on download and check this Out this is what we had just created in Literally like a few minutes actually And and the most difficult part was like Finding the iPhone image on Google Because I wanted to find something Without any background and you can see Massive Halloween giveaway win iPhone 14 And then if you click actually here it Is going to take you to the affiliate Link but because I’m not from the Country it’s not going to show me the Offer but you can see this is what we Have created now what you want to do is Simply just get traffic to this PDF Document and check this out nobody’s Actually doing this right now and you Are going to be the first one to do this Because it’s a giveaway in a PDF Document it’s a Halloween theme most

People they are not promoting offers in Any kind of theme so this is going to Massively increase your conversion rate And now you really just need to get the Traffic and one of the easiest ways to Actually get traffic to a PDF document Is to just submit it to a website like Slideshare.net so you can just go to SlideShare click on upload right here Select the document and verify that you Are not a robot then call it iPhone 14 Halloween giveaway edit description sign Up for a chat chance to win a brand new IPhone 14 for Halloween and couple of Tags like iPhone giveaway Halloween IPhone 14 and then usually just want to Publish this and that’s it pretty much Your document is uploaded on SlideShare Pretty much nobody is currently doing This and you the first person that is Going to be doing this is going to be Making a lot of money and now you can go Back to canva and literally just switch Out the image for like airpods then Right here airpods Pro and change the Colors maybe if you want to change it For a different theme just upload it to SlideShare again repeat this multiple Times and then sit back relax and watch The cash rolling into your account while You are going to be making the money on Autopilot from SlideShare now this was Just one of the ways you can actually Make money on tap mob if you want to see

Exactly how I was able to make over one Thousand dollars then just click on this Video right here and it’s going to show You exactly what I did myself to go from Zero to making over one thousand dollars From scratch on the brand new tap mob Account so click here and I’m going Since out there bye for now

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