NO-SKILL Method To Earn +$80 PER HOUR As A Beginner! (Make Money Online 2023)

What's going on guys in today's video I Want to show you how you can make money With affiliate marketing as a beginner And using this method you can make Anywhere from like 50 up to eighty Dollars for just single hour overdoing This method now you can see these are Just couple of my paychecks I received On ClickBank 900 600 800 700 600 these Are all weekly payments and this is Something you can actually do yourself Using the method that I'm going to show You in the next few minutes now this is All completely free you don't need any Skills any experience you don't even Have to invest anything yourself and Using this method you can actually make Over 150 per day with affiliate Marketing in 2023 and yeah it's it's Very easy but before that don't forget Please smash like on this video I would Really appreciate it and also don't Forget to subscribe and hit notification Bell so I can notify you whenever I Upload a brand new money making video And also comment down below something Random for the YouTube algorithm so this Video is going to get pushed to more People and I can actually help even more People make some more easy money online Okay so what I'm going to show you in Today's video is going to be how you can Actually generate these paychecks Yourself now I don't know if this is

Actually enough money for you if you are Make to if you were to make this per Week but I guess it's pretty much decent Enough to get you started if you are not Making any money online because what I'm Going to show you is pretty much this Method that's going to be making you Like these paychecks obviously it's not Thousands of dollars but I wasn't really Using it that much myself so this is Something you can do yourself now step Number one what you want to do is you Want to sign up to some affiliate Network now one of the I can recommend Is going to be just go to ClickBank sign up for an account it's Completely free it's fast and it's easy And yeah I guess anyone can sign up or Also uh not very sure to start the Second one which I recommend is also Called digistore24 again another Affiliate Network just like ClickBank And again you can just sign up instantly And start making money there instantly As well now for this video I'm going to Go with digistore because I know some People don't like ClickBank for some Reason so I'm going to show you how to Do this on digistore24 just sign up for An account now this is just a Marketplace so I'm going to log in once Again okay right here and pretty much What you want to do is you want to pick Up an affiliate offer now for this one

Any affiliate Alpha is going to work Because what we are going to be doing is Using a very simple marketing strategy But I highly recommend if you're going To go with like the weight loss type of Affiliate offers because they are Currently performing the best people Want to get in shape for summer and you Can see if you're going to go to like Google Trends the the trend is very high For the past couple of days okay now it Always fluctuates but it's been to like 100 lately and it's just going to be There until the summer so this Niche is Going to be very very good okay also you Can just go to Google Trends click on Explore and pretty much search for Anything you want and it's going to give You some some good like recommendations But if you just go with weight loss you Cannot go any wrong then just go to the Store and I'm going to go with like a Health and fitness right here fitness And health so this is the category I'm Going to pick up one affiliate offer now The one that I'm going to go for is Going to be for an example Um book or this one right here the Essential not the essential this is the Essential one this is the keto desserts Okay so keto desserts that's a really Good Niche to go for now let's check out The sales page and yeah uh it looks Pretty good okay honestly it looks very

Very good so this is something we are Going to be using okay so this is the Product I'm going to show you how to Promote but this method works for any Product out there any CPA Network any CPA offer that you're going to be using Doing it's super simple and you are just Going to be using free tools so let's Just leave this product right here next Thing you want to go to and You are really looking for like the Video resolution like full HD or Anything like that so we are going to Put there a video thumbnail for example Because that's what we are looking for So YouTube thumbnails video you can just Pick any of these or you can just go With the blank one we are really just Looking for the resolution of the Thumbnail okay so now that we have that We need to go to a new website now this Website is actually called or and this is the URL And where you can pretty much this Website is like Imgur or any of these Image sharing websites but for gifs okay And this is something we can actually Use right now so what I'm going to put There is going to be like keto dessert So keto dessert or you can put like Dessert for example dessert right here And again you can see all these desserts This one right here and pretty much what We are looking for is you want to find

Some gift that's going to be related to Our Niche so if you are in the keto Desserts you want to put find some Desserts they don't have to be lucky to Relate it but something that's going to Illustrate the dessert okay if you're in Like six pack what you would do is you Just put their six-pack and it's going To find you all these six pack gifts Okay some of them are funny some of them Are more legit some of them are just Normal and some of them are unreal okay So anything like this also if you are For example like woodworking Niche just An example you put the Airboat working And you're going to find all these Woodworking gifts okay so I'm going to Go again keto dessert just like this Keto dessert uh not this one I want Dessert only because I want to use this Gift right here okay or let's use some Other GIF let's use this one right here Okay so I'm going to use this one right Here and what you want to do what you Want to do is you want to Simply Download it you know to do that just Right click and click on the save image S and you want to download this and you Just want to go to canva you want to put The GIF right there I'm going to Deselect this and just put it right here And make sure it's going to take like The entire page and then you just want To click on a text and you want to add a

Short caption now the caption needs to Be catchy and on point so this is what I'm going to add for keto dessert and We're also going to view live Recommendations for other programs when You finally find a keto dessert you can Enjoy for example or when you finally Find woodworking plans that are simple To follow or when you finally find that Six-pack workout or anything when you Finally and you just find it related to Niche that weight loss die that works Without any restrictions a keto dessert You can enjoy woodworking plants that Don't require like uh whatever kind of Equipment just when you finally do that And then go to website called or just add emojis where You can copy and paste them and you want To copy the Emoji and put it right here Because now it's going to break the the Text only pattern make sure to put this Text into the center and then you just Want to resize it so the letter spacing And the line spacing is just like this For example and also add effects to this One the effect that I like to use is the Background one so it's going to add a Nice in the background over the text and Also let's change it to some different Color so for example like red one let's Go with yellow is not going to be good So like red one or blue one case or Something like this this is what we are

Looking for and then click on share Right here and you just want to download It right here and what this is going to Download is actually going to be a MP4 Video okay so from the GIF that we have Created now we have a super simple video You can actually use to get the traffic When the video is downloaded what you Want to do is you want to copy your Affiliate link right here so you can Just double click it right click on copy And then you want to go to like bitly And you just want to shorten this your URL so it's going to be short okay so It's not going to be this ugly link but It's going to be this short link right Here you want to copy that then you want To go to you want to go to The public profile section and just want To add the URL right here the affiliate Link and then the about you want to Write here the most delicious keto Desserts you can eat and still lose Weight check out the link and the link Is going to be right here which is going To be our affiliate link and click on Save right here it's going to add it now Then what you want to do by the way this Works with any account you don't even Have to have any followers go right here To account management right here and Then right here it's going to say Convert to business account and you want To make sure you're going to convert

Your account to business account so you Can actually upload videos okay and I'm Going to show you how to actually use This video and get plenty of traffic Then go right here to create and click On create a pin and just want to upload The GIF that we have downloaded right Here as a pin and if you have the Business account it's going to show Right here the mp4 file instead of just Like the high quality jpeg if you have The business account it's going to tell You you can actually upload MP4 files Then once you upload it you just want to Add your title for example that feeling When you find a keto dessert you can Enjoy can you relate So people are going to engage with your Post then tell everyone what is your Opinion about this is where you add the Description and this is where you want To pretty much somewhat pre-sell the Product that you are promoting if you're Looking for delicious keto desserts you Can enjoy and still lose weight highly Recommend checking the link in the bio Or in this post they are the best so This is super simple and then for the Tags you just want to add like keto and Select anything that's going to show up So keto recipes and then keto diet and Nutrition and keto no more and weight Loss uh okay so weight loss tips and Weight loss hold on weight loss and

Let's do meal plan as well okay just Like this then again you want to get Your link from bitly and you just want To put it right here and publish it Immediately and make sure you're going To select a board that's going to be Kind of like related to whatever you are Promoting so when you whenever you are Promoting multiple niches you want to Create a board for each of them because That way it's going to be sorted and Also it's going to get more entirely Traffic so name let's call it keto Dessert recipes thank you gonna create And you want to publish it now what you Want to do is you want to create Multiple of these posts with the same Description kind of like the same title But make sure you put multiple of them Right there and then once you're going To see your post you want to copy the URL of the post copy that and I want to Pretty much boost it and this is one of The boosts that actually work on Pinterest go to Google and search for Website called and click Right here and just put the website Right here click on complex URLs click On rapid index that's first boost and Then the second one is just go to and you want to search for Pinterest and you want to search for Social signals for Pinterest and if You're going to just order this to your

Post or multiple posts at once because When you're going to check out a gig it Has like 100 000 of these gigs that are going to rank And also boost your uh post on Pinterest You can select send them to multiply Like different posts do you have like 5 000 per her post and that way you can Just boost 20 posts at once for just Five dollars okay all you got to do is Just just ask the seller to do that and He's going to do it most of the times if Not just just change to a different Seller and you can see this one is Actually sending me backlinks right away And then this post is going to get Boosted and you want to do it for like 10 to 20 posts you can actually get These sales kind of like on a weekly Basis and that's it I hope you enjoyed This video guys now let me know what you Think about it in the comment section Below and for more videos check out this One right here which is going to show You another cool way of making money Online as a beginner

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