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You have written a darn good eBook – but now what? How are you going to get it to market and start to make some money off your creation. There are plenty of things you can and should do to assist in marketing your eBook, but right now we are going to look at 3 key ways to promote your eBook. 

The good news is that production your own eBook and never been easier. The bad news is promoting it has never been harder. There is so much noise and clutter online that it is hard to get noticed among the competition and everything else that is going on. So, if you have finished writing your eBook celebrate and then get to work promoting it. These 3 key ways will help a great deal!

#1 Create a Little Buzz
You need to create some buzz around the eBook you are bringing to market. Take it to social media. There is a huge social network out there. Learn how to build your brand, engage your viewers, and use Twitter, Pinterest, LinkedIn and Facebook effectively. It’s very important to the proper promoting of your eBook. You should start a few weeks before your book is actually finished. Let people know how its going, when they can expect your book to be on the market, where they might find it, etc. Make sure to be promoting your eBook 24/7. 

#2 Get Some Pre Release Reviews
Reviews of your eBook are essential. Don’t wait until it’s on the market. Start early. Release your book to a handful of blogs, magazines, etc. ask them to read it and review it. You can do this through Net Galley while keeping your PDF file safe and secure, but accessible to the reviewers. Once your book is released encourage readers to leave reviews where ever possible – it might be on the site where you are selling your book, it might be on social media, it could be a blog – you get the idea. 

#3 Make Sure You Have a Publication Date
Far too many authors, both of regular print books and eBooks use the day that they send the book live as their publication date. This can really make your launch frustrating. To give your book a much better start and a much better chance at being successful, your publicatoin date should actually be about 6 weeks after your book goes live. 

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