QUICK-CASH Method To Earn +$600 This WEEK! (Make Money Online For Beginners 2022)

I just received 1.4 thousand dollars Directly into my transferwise account This is something that I used to collect Money online the money is in my account And it’s ready to use and you can see Pretty much 1491 US dollars that is in my account And it’s pretty much ready to use in Today’s video guys I want to show you a Quick cash method that you can use to Make over 600 online this week now this Method is super simple anyone across the World can actually do this and the best Part about this is you don’t need to Have any skills or any experience Because you actually are not going to be Doing any work yourself I’m simply going To share with you this done for you copy And paste script that I created for you Which is going to do all the leveraging All the hard work for you and you really Just need to switch out your affiliate Links and you can see how you can Actually make well over six hundred Dollars even this week but be careful Because this method is not for long-term Use you can use it multiple multiple Times but it’s something that you want To use if you want to make some quick Cash you want to buy something you want To invest somewhere or you pretty much Just want to do something one time Generate some income and then be good to Go if that’s something you want to watch

Then definitely don’t forget to like Subscribe comment down below if you like Fast Cash methods and let’s get started With today’s video okay guys now first Of all if you actually want to receive Money just like this then you actually Need to have a transferwise account okay But for this method you can either use Transferwise you can use PayPal you can Use payoneer or any of the most popular Services by the way this is the script That I’m going to share with you at the End of the video so stay until the end Because you can literally copy and paste This okay I’m not going to share the Link I will share the script at the end Of the video so what you want to do is First of all just go to PayPal guys Again I need to switch the language as Usual to English language because I’m Not from any English speaking country Myself then go to the sign up page right Here and you pretty much just want to Create a pretty much brand new PayPal Account the signup page is brand new as Well if you don’t have an account and You just want to create one very easily Very fast just to receive the money then Go with the personal account because It’s personal it’s going to ask you less Questions and it’s a lot faster to Create so just go with your personal Account and then go right here and click On get started and enter the country you

Are from they are going to ask you for Like a verification just like this like With the number then go through it enter Your first name last name all the Details they are going to ask from you And then just sign up for a free PayPal Account because this is where you can Actually get paid using the method I’m Going to show you then the next thing You want to go to fiverr.com now this Method is going to be using Fiverr and You’re going to see exactly why this is Very very powerful just go to Fiverr and Scroll all the way down guys and go Right here where it’s going to say Affiliate now Fiverr has a very good Affiliate program and I’m going to show You why because if you go to again why I Didn’t go to the Affiliates let’s go to The Affiliates one more time it’s going To go right here this is the place where You want to go and if I click on the Commission plan right here which is Going pretty much show you how much Money you are going to get paid they Have CPA and also hybrid plans so two Plans but for this one what I recommend Is going with a CPA because you can get Paid a lot more with less work okay the Hybrid plan is for the people that want To do this method long term if you just Want to get the Quick Cash I do Recommend the CPA plan right here Because you will make quick cash okay

Like short term it’s much worth it to go With the CPA plan but long term It’s definitely much worse to go with The hybrid plan now pretty much the CPA Plan means you are going to get paid a Fixed amount for a category that these Gigs is from so you can be promoting Different fiber gigs and get paid every Single time that someone is going to buy This gig through your affiliate link or You can get paid any single time that You’re going to refer a person to Fiverr And they’re going to buy anything on the Page okay so pretty much these are the Amounts you are going to get paid so for Example thirty dollars is kind of like The average you should be expecting from This method multiple times you can Easily get like 20 sales this week which Makes it a very easy method to make over 600 this week and these are all the Categories like SEO t-shirts and Merchandise research and pretty much all Of these and the good thing about this Is some of these gigs and like most of Them actually cost less than 30 dollars So you are pretty much going to like Promote a five to ten dollar gig and get Paid thirty dollars so twenty dollars More than the original cost the gig so You can see how easy it is to actually Make money using this it’s not like even Affiliate marketing I guess like you’re Not getting paid like a commission

You’re getting paid a lot more than the Gig is actually worth so just go to this Page scroll down click on start earning Right here and then just fill in all These details that they’re going to ask You okay so first name last name email Address username blah blah blah blah Blah now do you have a main source of Traffic this is pretty much a question That they are going to ask you and a lot Of people are commenting below they Don’t know where what to answer right Here now what you want to put here is You want to input yes and then you want To write here https google.com Maps and when they are going to say this They are going to be like okay this Person is serious because you are going To be using like maps to actually get Traffic and because this is getting so Much traffic like they cannot deny you Because you are putting in a legit Traffic source so just go with like Google Maps Okay that’s going to get you Approved every single time then enter Your country pretty much your language And then Skype a lot of people don’t Know what is Skype first of well it’s Not even required but it’s just like a Messenger platform you know back in the Days this is what we used to chat so you Can put there like I don’t have an Account and that’s it and click on next Then once you’re going to log into your

Account guys you want to go right here To the Account Details right here and Then you are pretty much want to go to The payment details to add your payment You can see currently the methods are Like wire ACH transfer that’s why you Can use transferwise to get these Transfers or PayPal or Pioneer so just Select any of the options because that’s The one that you are actually going to Be doing using to receive the money but Then what you want to do and this is the Secret sauce of this entire method as Well because what most people are doing They are doing all the entire method of Wrong so what you want to do is you want To go to the marketing tools go to Default and deep links okay and this is Slightly technical but I will show you Everything how to do this so it’s not Going to be a problem now this is going To be your affiliating the CPA link but Not this one okay I want you to teach You how to create a custom link so first Of all we are going to go to back to Fiverr so for example right here and Let’s say we are going to search for I Don’t know SEO okay or SEO or anything Just get any kind of gig we are going to Create a custom affiliate link for a Specific gig first so just copy the URL Of this gig or just If you see this gig anywhere right click On it and click on copy link address you

Want to go back to the mark to the Affiliate page then right here where it Says Dynamic parameters and LP URL click On the lp which stands for the landing Page put it right here and hit enter now It’s going to add the the gig To every single one of these affiliate Links so you can see now the CPA link is Going to go directly to that gig and you Can directly promote this gig but also Whenever somebody clicks on this link They will come here and they are not Going to purchase it but they are going To purchase something else you are still Going to get paid that’s the secret Because some people think that okay if I Have a specific link then I can only Promote a specific gig no you can but You are also going to get credited for Any purchase on the entire website so This is why it’s so smart so this is how You create a custom affiliate link for a Specific gig because sometimes you want To promote a specific gig but if they Are not going to buy we still got them And they are going to make a purchase Maybe in the next like 90 days 30 days 60 days and we are still going to get Paid for this method what you want to Search for is going to be Google Maps Okay just search for Google Maps and you Want to pick up any of these Google Maps Gigs that are on Fiverr which are we Going to be promoting and I will show

Show you how to get tons of sales for These ones so for example I can go with Like this one I will do 20 000 Maps Citations for Google my business and Local SEO copy the link address go back To the affiliate page of Fiverr change The lp URL add it right here hit enter And now bam you are going to have Affiliate link for this gig right here So we can be promoting directly this gig But how do you actually get sales to This gig this is something I want to Show you right now how to do using this Exactly copy and paste script guys now We are going to be using this script With this website which is getting 1.8 Million visitors every single month I’m Going to show you one more thing 98 of These visitors are from United States Okay and the website I’m talking about Is called craigslist.com now this is a Never seen before way of actually Promoting these gigs nobody on YouTube You could never seen this before because This is so cool that people rarely Actually share this information but Because I don’t plan on using this Method myself I want to give it to you Guys so you can just make some very easy Money now what you want to do is just go To google.com and if you are not from Any English speaking country just search For Craigslist and it’s going to give You all these big cities Big Towns big

Areas that you want to go for so let’s Go for like New York you can do this for Any local area the more you’re going to Do it for the more money you’re going to Make just from this simple website you Can make tens of thousands of dollars Guys just from this website if you’re Going to do this multiple times because When you’re going to do it one time You’re doing it for one area and you can Do this for so many areas so you can Make a lot of money just go to Craigslist click on create a posting And you can see right here now again Choose the location you can see there’s One two three four five six seven eight Nine if you are going to make like let’s Say just 500 from each that’s four point Five thousand dollars already just from This list right here so I’m sure there’s Plenty of money to be made like here for Everyone so I don’t really get I don’t Really think this is going to get Saturated so just let’s go with like Manhattan then again choose a location That’s going to fit the best so again Just choose a location and this is what You want to select you want to go right Here and click on service offered okay Not a gig out for job offer resume you Want to go for a service offered we are Going to be offering a service click There now you want to pretty much post Right here now what do you actually need

To post here I’m going to give you the Script so this is the script now the Posting title I’m going to uncover it is Going to be we are looking for five Businesses to Skyrocket their online Traffic just copy this is right here and Pretty much this is the headline we are Looking for five businesses to Skyrocket Their online traffic and then the Description again I’m going to just copy It and pretty much review it right here It’s going to be this part right here Hey we are currently looking for five Local businesses from area you have Selected so pretty much you want to put Here like New York and then this part Right here so downtown so it’s going to Give you like the area that you that you Have selected to Skyrocket their online Traffic we specialize in improving your Search engine positions for local Keywords as well as Google Map positions For local searches helping you to get on The first page of Google search results Other top three on Google Maps is going To massively increase the organic Traffic you are going to be getting from The search engine currently we are Looking for five more local businesses In this area which we could help to get On the first Pages series inquires only Now this post screams that we are a Professional you are looking for five More people because you have so much

Business you can only Take 5 more people And if you actually get the results it’s It’s pretty much like guaranteed like You don’t even consider like this person Is not even gonna get the results and Pretty much when you’re going to post This you’re going to get a lot of local Businesses reaching out to you to Improve their local SEO in Google Now Local SEO is not really that hard to Improve and you can just do it with Couple of gigs now the best part is you Don’t even have to buy these gigs or you Really have to do is then just send your Affiliate link for these gigs recommend Them and then they are going to pick and Choose which one they like the most and That’s the beautiful part if they don’t Want to buy it they don’t have to but if They are going to buy it you don’t have To work you are going to pocket the Commission and you’re going to pretty Much deliver the service from a Reputable seller like this person right Here it has five star rating and 542 Ratings so yeah I guess he’s pretty Reputable so pretty much you are selling Other people’s service you are not even Delivering yourself and you are just Pocketing the CPA commissions from Fiverr affiliate program best part is Guys just just all these cities that you See right here you can do it for all of Them for all the local areas you can see

U.S cities U.S states Canada there’s so Many locations you can do it for so Making like 600 or even thousand dollars This week should definitely be possible If you’re going to dedicate yourself to It and then once you make these posts You simply reply to the people that are Reaching out with your Fiverr affiliate Link and that’s it you don’t even have To work at all if you’re watching and if You’d like to see another method on how To make over 90 dollars per hour using The Fiverr affiliate program so check Out this video right here it’s going to Show you another way to make money using The fiber of that program and I’m going To see you there bye for now

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