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Hated it and he commented yo I can't Believe this I got my first 130 dollar Sale doing this I love you Eric so I'm Going to show you exactly how he was Able to do that and how you can do the Same what is going on guys in today's Video I want to show you how one of my Students was actually able to make over 130 in a single day completely for free And I want to show you what I would Actually do myself if I had to just make Money from complete scratch completely For free once again and using this very Simple side hustle you can actually make Like 300 per day now this is completely Free this is something that I shared Already before on my YouTube channel but In today's video I'm going to show you All the updated Advanced tactics because Most people have been using this method Before and it's kind of saturated so I Always have to like run away the method Come with different ideas so in today's Video I'm going to show you how to take An old method that has been working is Still working but actually make it brand New so you can actually dominate the Competition and pretty much negate it And just make money like you were using This method for the first time ever you Don't need any skills you don't need any Experience all you got to do is just Like the video subscribe to the YouTube Channel comment down below something for

The YouTube algorithm hey notification Bell and let's get started with the Step-by-step tutorial all right so this Is exactly what I would do myself if I Was starting from complete zero now First you gotta get a payment account Where you can actually receive money and You can actually spend it now for me Myself and I I would use wise.com Because like one of the best ones to use It's I think it's even better than PayPal because people can just shut down Your account it has huge fees but I Would go to wise.com first of all and I Would sign up for an account just open An account because this is what we are Actually doing and using to receive the Money so you can actually use it okay When you are promoting products unlike ClickBank digistore tap map you cannot Use the money when it's in your account You can only use it if you have it on Like PayPal bank account or any kind of Accounts like this and this is one of Those accounts so I highly recommend I Would know that I would highly recommend I would just sign up to why so I can Actually do that then the next thing What I would do is I would just go to ClickBank com and I would again sign up For every account and this is exactly The process I will do now this method is Something that you can do every single Day for like 15 minutes and there has

Been a lot of people messaging me this Is just one of the persons that I was Able to find right here who actually got 130 sale by doing this and I know anyone Can do this anyone can generate this and It was just 10 months ago okay so you Can definitely do this yourself I know You can do that but you just gotta use It every single day because I got people Telling me they made money on the day One but also on the day 20 with using This method okay so that's the only Thing you can make money with it Completely for free we just gotta be Doing it for quite some time don't Expect to make money right away but you Can actually make money right away with It just don't expect it so what I would Do is I would go to E-Business and E-marketing and I would select a cheap Product okay cheap product just to get Some very fast initial sales now there's A couple of them right here like live Chat jobs or also get paid to use Facebook write app reviews or anything Like that but I would use myself is I Would search for free traffic this is The one that I would use and I would use These to okay the evolution right here Or the free traffic system now the Reason for this is because these are Very cheap products that have a Recurring payments in them so for Example this one right here I'll show

You the example it's just a one dollar Product and then it's 37 a month so you Can get those one dollar sales very Easily and then people are going to be Paying you monthly for this so for one Person who's going to pay you one dollar On average you are actually getting paid 321 dollars so you just generate a one Dollar sale and on average you actually Get paid to a 321 dollars it used to be A lot more like 500 but currently the Last numbers are 321 which is still Crazy so I can generate like 10 sales For the next week and then get paid for The next like 10 months okay so this is Up absolutely crazy crazy crazy so I Would just get this link click on Promote I would just get the hold on Okay so this is one page this is one Page well I believe let me just check What is this link actually doing special Offer for John okay so this is for other Guy okay so I was just gonna do the fold One right here and I would create my hop Link and this is going to be my Affiliate link okay now pretty much all I gotta do right now is I would need to Just get traffic what I'm going to show You right now is one of the best ways For beginners to actually get traffic to These offers what you can do and also a Little hack as usual to be Incognito and To get like 10 times better results Without paying a cent from your own

Pocket so the next website I would go to Is called hercules.com okay now don't Worry if you have seen this before I'm Going to show you some unseen hacks on How to milk these websites for plenty of Traffic you can see currently there's 336 000 members just go here you're gonna Sign up and you just want to sign up for A free account so enter your first first Name last name where did you hear about Us tell them whatever then enter your Username password then enter your email Now make sure you're not going to use Your own email okay this is very Important because if you're going to use Your main email then you are going to be Receiving these promotional emails every Single day non-stop you are going to get Spammed so what you got to do this is Just one with the hacks by the way go to Website that's called temp mail temp Mail or RG and it's going to generate a Temporary email address and you just Want to use this one okay so just copy That right here and you want to place it Right here it says Gmail recommended but It's not required okay so just enter Both of these emails there because they Say one of them is subscribe email Another one is main email but yeah they Will be sending you promotional emails Wherever you're going to tell them to do That so you just want to sign up for a

Free account and then click right here Create account I'm just going to log in And by the way there's plenty of these Different advertisements like right here Just do not click on any of them click Right here prime or or the zone and you Just want to get to the members area Okay again it's going to pop up an Advertisement we don't have to worry About that and then go right here where It says add mailers this is the part Again it's going to pop an advertisement Right now so you can just ignore it Click on continue to add mailers again Right here do not click on any of the Advertisements do not do that just click On continue to add mailers and wait a Second till it's actually going to load Up again because I'm recording a video It has to be slow again because I'm Recording a video but no worries I got Discovered and then pretty much just Close the advertisement now on the right Hand side you see these credit mailers This is something you can use and send Emails if you are going to be browsing This ad or if you just create a free Account you can just use this regular Mailer right here and just mail every Single day completely for free to Thousand members or if you pay like Three dollars per month I believe or Nine dollars like 300 000 members now What you want to do is for the subject

Line do not use anything rather than and This is if I'm going to tell you that It's going to get saturated but I will Do that okay so this is what you want to Put here you want to put here re and Your reply needed okay this is something That's going to get opened every single Time I'm I mean if you're going to get a Subject line like this it's going to get Opened okay and then I'm going to select HTML and you just want to write simple Email you can either copy and paste Something from the email swipe of this Affiliate page so let me just check out The affiliate page if it has any emails But this one is called I think Empire so I'm just going to check out this one and I'm going to check out some of the Emails they don't really have any emails Right now I guess they are okay it's all Right here sample email swipes and I'm Just going to check something right here Uh don't miss this easy method okay I'm Just going to copy this okay copy this For example or also write something like This so your reply needed hey We need your reply to see if you are Interested In learning How to earn over 100 million dollars per Day as a beginner Okay I'm going to put there click Click here if you are interested Interested I cannot write for some

Reason and that's it okay so this is Going to be the email we need a reply to See if you're interested learn how to Make over 120 dollars per day and now Literally just copy your link now that Email is something that nobody is using Right now everybody's copying the swipes So you just want to make sure you're Going to use something like this because It's going to stand out okay whenever Everybody is zigging you gotta be Zagging whenever everybody is zagging You gotta be zigging and whenever Somebody zagging or singing at the same Time you gotta be zigging with E and not I or uh a so you just gotta be uh try to Come up with something new okay so this Is going to be very very good so just Like this okay super simple but in the Entire pool of the emails that people Are sending right here it's going to Stand out and that's all you got to do And then the test URL is going to be Right here and then click right here on The submit ad and you can see 336 000 members have been submitted now Listen up if you have a free account It's just going to say 1000 members First what you got to do and this is Very important is you want to do this Every single day okay just copy that Email save it to a notepad and use it Every single day but also go to the Account and sorry just go right here to

Logout you want to log out and then go Back to Temporary email and you want to Click right here on change click on Change and it's going to create you a Brand new email address right here okay So you just wait up and it's going to Load up the email then I have a new Email address and you just want to Create a new account and you just want To create like five to ten accounts and That's how you can actually maximize Your earnings because if five to ten Accounts are going to send the same Email it is going to get opened for sure Okay and that's how you're going to Maximize your results because instead of Just people receiving like one email With your perfect headline they are Going to receive that five times and Whenever they are going to click only They make a purchase every single sale Generated through that is going to be Your affiliate sale and this is just one Website hacklist that also there's a Another one called European safe list These are the two best websites you can Actually use just get instant traffic to Make money online offers it works the Same way create multiple accounts and Pretty much make the most out of these Two websites and that's exactly how Crasher gaming HD was able to make 130 Dollars he just mailed an affiliate Offers to this safe list you can do it

As well this is something that I'll do Myself if I was getting started over Because I can just do it in the morning I don't have to think about it and yeah It's just done and yeah that's pretty Much how I would just start something Right away to build up the momentum and That's it I hope you enjoyed this video Let me know what you think about it in The comment section below and for the Next video that is customly picked for You by the YouTube algorithm check out This one right here and tell me if it Was picked the good or it's a no food For you click here and comment down Below if this video is actually a great Fit for you

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