Surviving in a World With Affiliate Marketing Experts

Perhaps you have shared a similar experience, or may even have noticed how everyone seems to be S.E.O Experts these days. Offering web design packages and bombarding you with emails on how they can help you boost your site, to that point where you become more incline to delete an email when you see the abbreviation, S.E.O.

I know I do, if it’s not from a trusted proven source then I do not even consider such offers. When someone designs your website, it means they have access to your site builder c-Panel be it WordPress or otherwise. Perhaps I just have trust issues, but I’m extremely cautious as to whom have access to such platforms.

Perhaps also the reason I would rather show you how to design your own Blog. But always remember that no single person, program or system will ever be your final destination. Each person you learn from can merely show you what they have done, from where you need to build your own knowledge and experience toward success. And as much as I would love to, I cannot teach you everything about S.E.O (Search Engine Optimization) and quite frankly I don’t think anyone can.

Company C.E.O’s and Business Owners when in fact it’s not quite the case. Emails you receive, especially the ones without unsubscribe links or where the link simply don’t work need to be avoided. And if you do not recognize or remember signing up to these people’s lists, then do I really have to say more?

There are hundreds, perhaps even thousands of sites out there where you can purchase email addresses from. That is exactly how NOT to make money on the internet. These email packages are random emails collected from the internet, you may even come across your own email address in some cases although that is extremely rare.

Sadly this is happening on all email platforms from Outlook to Gmail, and even platforms like AOL and Yahoo. I’m in no way implying all these companies or services are bogus, but the level of professionalism should at least be visible in something as simple as an email, right? An “Expert” that doesn’t have a proper email list? Really?

Every successful internet marketer or online business all have one thing in common, they all have their own professional email lists hosted with an auto responder platforms. THAT’s how you know.Personally I have several lists hosted with platforms like Get Response and had some experience with A-Weber and a few others. The purpose of your list should be bordering that of your Blog, to share ideas and to inspire. And this EXCLUDES desperate sales pitches. If your content is interesting and useful, there’s no need for a sales pitch.

However, the emails on my private list are people that started the correspondence and requires info on a specific project, program or concept. Which is why the more experienced marketers prefer promoting product on which they have extensive knowledge. One should never make any claim, without sufficient knowledge to back that up.

Search Engine Optimization is an art that favors preparation and patience, it is also the most time consuming optimization route. Which is why nothing drives traffic like S.E.O because we’re talking Billions of searches per month. The trick is to get your share of visitors within your niche based on your keyword targeting, but that’s a topic on its own.

Working from home is like assembling a machine consisting of several parts, but more importantly a never ending sequence. S.E.O is merely a part in a much larger engine that will result in you actually making money online, which is not an easy journey I must add.

Do your own research when deciding on whom to trust, and it’s quite simple. Just enter a company or even individual’s name into Google as a search and see what the search result page comes up with. That should give you a clear indication on the individual or company’s online activity and success claims.

Search social networks for individuals or companies. Social profiles are extremely important and the fact that they must be professionally complete even more so. One cannot expect to convince an audience that you are an S.E.O, or any expert for that matter when there’s no clear profile picture. And as much as I adore my cat, she’s not the one engaging my audience on social media and neither is my dream car. Certain companies may have a logo as profile picture which is perfectly fine, providing the logo represents the company name and not just a random image of suggested services offered. But, that’s just my opinion.

I’m no internet guru or dot com millionaire yet, just an ordinary author fascinated with writing and making money online by means of affiliate marketing. Intrigued by blogging, web design and search engine optimization which is why I need to place exclamation on the fact that I can only show you what I have done thus far. When your drive toward success is fueled by fascination, the fruit tastes so much sweeter.

If you enjoyed the article and even agree or disagree with some points made, then let’s start a conversation in the comments. I think we’ve all been through the mill of life’s experiences, and some of us even lost a tiny fortune trusting the wrong messages. I know I have, it’s called the University of Life.

Regardless, there’s no such thing as failure because there’s only learning. Either you will earn, or you will learn but either way you never fail. Truth be told, there’s no better teacher than yourself and all you need to do is gather as much knowledge on your niche as you possibly can.

That is how you get recognized as a professional without having to desperately convince your audience, focus on learning instead of earning. You may just end up earning much faster than you could imagine.

Which is why I’m sharing with you one particular WordPress and S.E.O training program I have and still am personally using. But I have to warn you, blogging and search engine optimization is addictive and nothing short of a fascinating journey. You can access the training from the “Start Make Money” Page.

Source by Deon Christie