The Complete YouTube Affiliate Marketing Tutorial For Beginners 2021 (STEP-BY-STEP)

The Complete YouTube Affiliate Marketing Tutorial For Beginners 2021 (STEP-BY-STEP)

This video is a COMPLETE step-by-step affiliate marketing tutorial for beginners 2021. I call it a FREE COURSE because I teach you EXACTLY how I made over $100,000 PROFIT with affiliate marketing using 100% FREE YouTube videos, gained over 100k subs in ONE YEAR & how YOU can do the same! Enjoy 🙂

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1 – Legendary Marketer (My Main Program):

2 – Jonathan Montoya’s 3 Day Challenge:



0:00 – Quick Intro
0:45 – High Ticket YouTube Secrets Strategy
1:28 – A Little About Me
3:41 – Step 1: Mindset
7:16 – Step 2: Strategy
11:12 – Step 3: Preparing
13:51 – Step 4: Starting
20:28 – Step 4: Starting (cont.)
34:52 – Step 5: Setting Up
38:19 – Step 5: Setting Up (cont.)
43:53 – Step 6: Planning
49:16 – Step 6: Planning (cont.)
59:54 – Step 6: Planning (creating thumbnails)
1:11:32 – Step 7: Creating
1:18:24 – Step 8: Promote

Summary of this video:

In this affiliate marketing tutorial for beginners – 2021, I show you a strategy I came up with that’s completely different from all other affiliate marketing strategies. Most people suggest that you spend all this money on tools & software, learn how to use them, set them up, etc… before you even get traffic or start making money. This is what I did as a beginner and it almost made me give up (and I see others give up because of it too). That’s why I created the “Simple Strategy” from my High Ticket YT Secrets program… but it only works on YouTube and with specific high ticket affiliate programs. Here’s a quick overview of the strategy:


There wouldn’t be enough characters in this description to explain each of the steps for the strategy, but I’ll just say that if you want to make money with affiliate marketing, this strategy is going to be the most simple way to do things… and in my opinion, the best. But not only that, it’s ALSO the most time & cost effective strategy out there. Not to mention, you won’t find this strategy anywhere else… because like I said, I created it – and the truth is, other affiliate marketers won’t tell you that you can do it without all the expensive software at the start because just want to make more money off of you from. Now, once you start making money – I highly suggest using them… but at the start, this is definitely the best way to go.

And that’s my affiliate marketing tutorial for beginners – 2021. Now, if you want to get a jump-start on your affiliate marketing business and get access to this strategy in entirety… you can use the link below to get access to my No Face YT Course where you also get access to my INSANE BONUS which offers you my $1000 FLAGSHIP High Ticket YT Secrets program for a laughable price of just $97! Just use the link below to get instant access + bonus:

No Face YT Course + INSANE BONUS:


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“The Rumors Of My Death Have Been Greatly Exaggerated” – ClickBank Rumors Uncovered

Yes, as Oscar Wilde as soon as said “The Reports Of my Fatality Have Been considerably Overstated,” so too are several of the reports one may read about ClickBank. Some testimonials and blogs have located means to gather adverse information concerning ClickBank some also presuming regarding call it a fraud. What is the ClickBank fraud? As well as is it real? There have actually been lots of customers that have been extremely vital of ClickBank, also claiming that the site is not the top affiliate program on the web and that no one has actually ever before gotten rich with being an affiliate. Rumors regarding this matter have sprouted given that the start of the year. ClickBank users have actually strongly disagreed to this information as well as have developed so lots of testimonies that showed and proved that there is cash in ClickBank.

The ClickBank Marketplace Hits It Big This Season

The ClickBank industry gains one of the highest number of brows through and also customers for every season and also special event day’s. The website lands an area on the most trafficked online stores in the world as a result of its over 10,000 affiliates and items. The ClickBank marketplace is an integrated manual of over 10,000 digital items to be offered. The products are in categories and functions so it will be simpler as well as practical for the customers and customers. More so, the products are likewise noted by appeal. There are some points you have to recognize regarding the ClickBank Marketplace before you can go deeper right into it.

Finding The Right ClickBank Product For You

How do you locate the ideal ClickBank item for you? Choosing a product to sell is really vital. ClickBank is residence to over 10,000 digital items. Checking out every one of the products, you may obtain overloaded, confused or might pick an item not fitting to you and also your rate of interest. ClickBank products are available in classifications as well as features. They are additionally classified by popularity. Do not be bewildered by the most prominent product, if the primary offered product is not your line of passion then do not select it as your choice. Recognizing what you are marketing is really vital for your sales.

Advertisers and Affiliate Programs

Here’s a basic malfunction of how affiliate marketing programs function. With details on what they can do for your internet site or blog site.

Pointers FAST On Money Making: The ClickBank Quest

The look for methods as well as means to find money and also increase our income never ever finishes. This is most likely one of those million ideas you have daily especially throughout times of situation. The principle of ClickBank may concern you as you consider methods to enhance your month-to-month revenue. The last will certainly assist you make profit through offering electronic items from the site’s industry. If you are interested to endeavor in this organization, you need to first be able to understand as well as understand its process. There are a lot of items you can offer at ClickBank, the choice is all your own. More so, you can be a direct supplier or an associate. When you are a direct vendor, you sell or put on the marketplace your very own digital product. On the various other hand, being an affiliate indicates selling another person’s item and you earn on an earnings basis – rather intriguing, appropriate?