The *EASIEST* $1,500/WEEK Method To Make Money Online For Beginners in 2023 (No Skills & Experience)

Okay yes Shady Side you can see right Here today I was already able to make 944 dollars then yesterday I made 610 Last seven days I was able to make six Point four thousand dollars and when I Go to this month so far I'm at 14 000 And when I go to the last month I was Able to make twenty six thousand dollars And when I go to the last 30 days I'm at 28 000 and you can see the daily earnings Right here I'm making close to one Thousand dollars every single day you Can see 944 610 you can see this is a Thousand dollar day right here that was On 12th of January and you can see right Here I made one point four thousand Dollars and that was actually on 10th of January and you're going too closely you Can see that for this one point four Thousand dollars I only got 29 sales Compared to one thousand dollars I got 64 sales you can see I get kind of Lucky Right here I made 1.4 thousand dollars For just 29 sales I made one thousand Dollars from 64 sales and in today's Video guys I'm going to show you one of The easiest ways you can make over 1 500 Per week on Warrior plus as a beginner Who never made any money online just by Using these two websites the first one Is getting 61 million visitors every Single month and it's completely for Free and the second one is getting 94

Million visitors again every single Month and it's completely free all right Guys so step number one what you want to Do is you want to go to Okay it's and you just Want to sign up for free at this website Now this is the website we are going to Be using in this video tutorial the Website which I'm going to share with You that are going to be getting you Traffic you can use them for any Niche Any website as well I want to keep this Super simple and show you step by step Exactly what you need to do to generate Maybe your first sale ever maybe your First 100 dollars you actually know this Method is going to be working and then You can scale it later on so first of All just creating a down all you need to Do is just enter your username your Password your email address and notify Me you can just disable this one click On that you are not a robot because yeah They don't allow robots anymore and then Click on create your account then they Are going to send you an email a Verification thingy your email address To make sure you go to your email inbox And verify that then once you're going To log into your dashboard this is how It's going to look like maybe without The earnings this is pretty much what I'm currently making on this platform Using my Inca into profit system by the

Way I'm opening up few coaching spots For this month so if you'd like me to Personally help you set up the entire System that I'm using currently we make Close to thirty thousand dollars per Month you can see last 30 days is 28 000 Per month but if I go to this month it's Currently 16th of the month and I'm Already at 14 000 so I should be closing Just from this account alone at like Thirty thousand dollars in a single Month secure serious about making money Online and you'd like to join my program Then click on the link in the video Description fill out the application go Through the videos to see if you are the Right fit for the program if you are Then watch the video fill out the Application from if I can actually help You out and maybe you can be one of the Few people that I'm going to be taking On this month to help them set up this Entire system as well oh and by the way This is all without using my YouTube Channel without showing my face online Even though I have a YouTube channel I Don't really promote Warrior plus Products at least from this account on This YouTube channel so all these Earnings you can see right here today 944 dollars yesterday 610 dollars last Seven days six point four thousand Dollars this month is 14 then last 30 Days is 28 and last month was 26 000 so

This month has actually a faster Pace Than the last one because I know for a Fact that I'm going to be closing at Over thirty thousand dollars this month And these are my daily earnings you can See like 944 610 780 801 1094 and then one point four thousand Dollars so if you like to start making Money right here just like this then Check out my Inca into profit system 2.0 But if you like to start just making Some money here and there and watch this Video till the end because I'm going to Show you exactly how to do that so what You want to do is you want to go to the Affiliate section right here and go to The offers then this is where you're Going to land on and you can see that This is the marketplace for the Different affiliate products you can be Promoting and the reason why I'm using a Warrior plus is because there's always New products you can be promoting from This network they are always pretty much New products being added by new people And the also good thing about them as You can see the exact stats they Currently have so for example this one Is very new very fresh by Alessandro Zamboni it's a chat GPT product which is Very hot right now and there isn't a lot Of things you can sell related to chat GPT but he created a product about that And it's got over 3 000 sales you can

See the conversion rate on this one is 15 meaning if you're going to send 100 Clicks targeted clicks you should get Around 15 sales the earnings per click Is 3.26 and the earnings per sale on Average is 21 close to 22 dollars and These are the stats you can see for Every single offer which is something You don't really rarely see on a Different affiliate offers like on ClickBank you can already see that on Digital store you can already see the Accurate sets like this and this is the Reason why I love to use Warrior plus But for this method for you guys what You want to do you want to scroll down Scroll down until you're going to find This offer right here it's called 10K in 30 days challenge New Year sale by Luther landro okay if you cannot find That then just you can just write it or I'm just going to copy and paste it so I Don't have to rewrite it then just paste It right here in the offer title slash Keyword 10K in 30 days hit enter and It's going to show you the affiliate Offer right here you can see it's right Here and this is the affiliate offer we Want to promote now if you are a Beginner you're going to have a request Button right here instead of get links Button you need to request your Affiliate link first now the way to do That you click on a request your

Affiliate link you will be taken to this Page which is is pretty much like a Detailed page about the product then go Right here click on the request approval And then this is where you can write Request notes and here's pretty much What you want to write here hey my name Is anyone very much write your name so I'm going to put there Eric and I'd like To promote this product I'm just getting Started with affiliate marketing and Will appreciate if you could approve my Link thanks and also add this little Detail because this little detail is Going to tell them that you are pretty Much not somebody who's going to harm Their stats so just add here PS I'm not Going to be sending spammy bot traffic To this link thanks because most of the Times these people are the only reason Why they are not going to approve your Link is because they think you are going To be spamming this link and you are Going to be sending some about traffic Because there's a lot of websites that Are going to send you like 1 million Visitors but these are really just what Traffic that are going to give you like 1 million views but it doesn't mean Anything at all and they don't want to Receive this traffic because it would Actually harm their stats in the Warrior Plus Marketplace and everybody can see That so they don't want to get that

Because then nobody else will be Promoting their affiliate offers and Then just be right right here on the Request offer and Bam then you're going To have your affiliate link if you Already have some sales history if you Have sales history you're going to get Instantly approved and because I'm Making close to 30k per month on Warrior Plus yeah I got my link approved right Away if you have a brand new account It's going to say it's pending what you Can do is just contact this person let's Say on Facebook and ask them to get Their link approved but anyways this is What you want to be doing pretty much to Make money with this affiliate link Because you can also get other affiliate Links but this is the one that I Recommend that you want to pick up Because I know it's going to work Actually the best I believe so when You're going to click right here on a View sales page you're going to see that This is the sales page of the product And this is the cool part about the Sales page it's very simple and it has a Wide background and mostly just a black Text so you can see this is the sales Page it's pretty pretty old school and You're going to go through that there's A lot of text a lot of images white Background and that's it it looks like As if it was written in like a Google

Document and this is exactly the reason I want you to be using this uh this Offer right here okay because I want to Shoot the entire sales page this is how It looks like okay it's super simple and This is this is exactly what I want to Be promoting it okay so you want to get Affiliate link for this affiliate offer Once you're going to have that you want To copy the sales page of this exact Page you want to copy that so copy that And then you want to go to Google and You want to search for this website Called the web to PDF okay and just Click on any of the first search results There's like three of them right here Like webto webto Or say I like to use the first One I believe no not this one the second One actually web to PDF converted this One this is the one that I like to use So just want to paste the link right Here and then click right on the blue Button it's going to say it's kind of Working right here and it's going to Create the entire PDF document from the Sales page you can see it's already done I'm going to download it and Bam let's See what it has created and Bam this is The PDF document and because the sales Page is really just a white background With black text this this looks very Very nice as an e-book as a realistic Ebook and you can see this is something

We are going to be using to make money Buy from from promoting this product Okay this little ebook right here but Not like this okay because this ebook Right here it's okay but it doesn't have Our affiliate link on it if you're going To check this out if you're going to Hover over this part click here for Instant access it has the default buy Button it doesn't have your affiliate Link so what we need to do right now is You want to go to the third search Result called it's called just go to don't even Google that just go to and Then upload the PDF document we have Downloaded okay and then you want to go To the to go through the entire ebook Right here and then find the buy buttons Okay so where I'm going to go through That it's going to load it up and I'm Going to go a little slower right here Because I don't want to miss on any of The buy buttons so they should be pretty Obvious because they are yellow it's Like the only color perfecting on the Sales page so if I'm going to scroll Down uh yeah it's right here so I want To get my affiliate link for this offer So I'm going to copy that and then I Want to add a link so go right here Click on links and you want to highlight This entire part okay just like this Even just like this and you want to put

Your own affiliate link right here and Click enter okay so now it's going to be It's going to have your affiliating Instead of the default sales page link Then scroll down and I know there's Another button right here so I'm going To highlight that one as well add my IPhone right here and hit enter as well And just scroll down even more another One make sure you're going to add it to All of them because some people really Just read the entire sales page and then They are going to end up clicking on the Last ever buy button at the bottom of The page so you don't want to miss out Any of those because yeah that would Kind of hurt if you would miss out on Couple of the sales if you're going to Find any of the links right here just Click on the delete link okay so it's Going to delete it and this is going to Be our page not page but like PDF we Have created from the page then click on Apply changes and it's going to finalize The PDF and Bam this is how it's going To look like and you're going to go Through the PDF you're going to notice That this is going to be now our Affiliate link okay so it's not going to Be the default sales page buy button but It's going to be our affiliate link and Then just quite simply click on the Button that says download and now what I Want to show you are going to be these

Two untapped websites where you can add This PDF document and get huge amount of Targeted free traffic now the first Website is getting over 61 million Visitors you can see it right here and Then the second website is getting 94 Million visitors okay now not all of These are from United States you can see Like 10 of them are actually from United States so it's like 9 million visitors And like 6 million visitors okay but It's 100 USA so either like uh 50 Million per month visitors 100 USA or 150 million visitors per month and 10 in USA either way it's a win-win situation Now the first website is called okay and this is completely Untapped website that I've been actually Using myself to promote CPA offers right Here now if you like to see exactly how To promote CPA offers on this website And please comment down below about it As well because I made hundreds of Dollars when I was getting started as a Beginner with barely getting any views On this at all actually check out this Page this is actually my page I'm going To kind of hide it kinda not hide it you Can see I've been getting like three Views two views 52 views AWS 69 views Zero views three views 88 views 153 Views 6 48 views 826 views 623 views six Views 234 views on this website myself Back in the day promoting CPA offers and

Making at least 100 per day by doing This with you barely getting views so if You'd like to get a detailed tutorial About this one as well then please Comment down below Academia CPA tutorial Real but for affiliate marketing just go To and pretty much click on Right here click on sign up now what you Want to do is just sign up with Google Because it's fast free and pretty much Effortless so you don't have to like Fill in all the details you're just Going to be on a few buttons and it's Going to create you a free account and Then just make sure you're going to Choose the free section don't go for the Paid one because that's obviously like Paid one and premium just go with the Free one then go to the top section Right here and click on upload and then Make sure you're going to upload a PDF With your affiliate links okay do not Upload the first one without your PDF Links if you're not going to change the Name or the PDF it should be the same And then the second version with your Own affiliate links is going to have This one at the end because it's the Same name so depending on your assistant That you are using it's going to add Something at the end to distinguish Between them next one you are not the Robot and click on continue then the Paper title in this case it's going to

Auto fill it so it's going to be Revealed the three-step blueprint I used To quietly earn over a hundred thousand Dollars per month selling other people's Products over abstract all without Creating products without selling on Amazon without joining some MLM blah Blah blah blah pretty much publication Name just add 10K in 30 days challenge Which is essentially the name of the Product we are promoting from Warrior Plus and then right here right it's Going to say research interest you want To add couple of like tags or keywords But make sure they are very vague like Online business marketing online and Stuff like that okay so if you are in Other let's say a niche let's say like Weight class want to add like weight Loss how to lose weight exercise I know Like how to lose belly fat fast okay Just want to make keep it weight and Very abstract so weight loss uh exercise Diet and stuff like that in this case It's like online business online Marketing and marketing online and then Click on the right here save and finish And Bam then this is how it's going to Look like so reveal the three-step Blueprint I used to quietly earn over a Hundred thousand dollars per month Selling other people's products you can See this is how it's going to look like So this is the headline this is the

Description and then when people are Going to go through this PDF they are Going to read it and because like very High quality PDF made from that sales Page which really looks like an ebook Instead of looking like a very shiny Sales page we don't want shiny sales Pages right here you're going to see They are going to go through that and Then if they are interested they are Going to click on the buy button which Is right here and you can see people can Actually click on the buy button this is Not going to disable links in your PDF And then complete the purchase of 30 Days challenge New Year's discount and I Can check out the ride here okay so this Is how it's going to look like and just Want to upload a couple of PDFs with Different headlines to this page right Here it's called and this Is what's going to be sending you the Free targeted traffic from this Niche Now this is the first website it's and the second website the Setup is the same exact but it's getting A little bit more traffic per month and The website name is called okay this one is getting 91 94 Million visitors actually so just do the Same exact thing on scriptd as well just Upload multiple of this PDF product PDF EBooks about the warrior plus products

On this PDF sharing website But Academia edu is the one that I was Getting very targeted traffic from Because most people don't even know About it I have never seen it on any Make money online Channel when I was Going through the methods and then I Kind of like or remember that that I was Using this back in the day so yeah I'm Sharing it right now and that's for this Video now guys if you'd like to see Exactly how I'm making over 26 000 Actually over 28 000 per month on the Warrior pass without ever showing my Face online being completely Incognito Can I click on the first link or some Link in the video description check out My Inca into profit system 2.0 program I'm looking for a few more coaching Students for this month so if you are The right fit I'm looking very forward To be working with you other than that Check out this video right here which is Going to show you another high quality Most recommended money making method for You click here and I'll see you there Bye for now

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