The EASIEST Way To Earn $200 Per Day For Beginners Online In 2023 (Step-by-Step) Pt. 1 Make Money

In today's video I'm going to show you Step by step one of the easiest ways you Can make over 200 per day online as a Beginner in 2023 Now using this method You can make like over 90 000 just like I was able to make on The Justice Account which is completely without Generating any sale this is always CPA Marketing but you can also make like Thirteen thousand dollars like I made Right here on jvzoo and this is by the Way with affiliate marketing so by Generating any sales but pretty much Whatever you're going to be doing with This method is actually going to be Working and I think it's one of the Easiest ways any beginner can get Started online and start generating some Good cash but before we get started Don't forget to please smash the like Hit the Subscribe and comment down below Something random for YouTube algorithm And let's get started with the Step-by-step tutorial so I can show you Literally everything right away Completely for free so if you like that Again don't forget to like And subscribe Comment down below and tell me something For the YouTube algorithm and let's get Started alright guys what I'm going to Show you is exactly pretty much how I Was able to make like thirteen thousand Dollars right here and how you can also Make this amount of money because 13 000

Is actually might sound like it's two Much but it's actually not that Difficult because the same way you're Going to make like 178 dollars using This method is going to be the same Exact way you are going to make 13 000 With this method okay and you don't need Any skills or any experience because I'm Going to literally show you everything Step by step on how to do in this video So let's get started now for this Example what I'm going to show you is I Will show you how to do this for example With CPA grip okay but you can use any Other platforms just go to CPA grip Click on the register right here and Just want to fill out all these details First name last name all these Jazz they Are going to ask you but one very Important part that you need to filled Out is going to be the publisher type Right here and you want to put their Website slash instant or GPT This Is How They are going to actually approve you Because this is like in some cases Approval only Network or in most cases If you are going to use like website Slash instant or GPT they are going to a Preview without any problems and then Where did you hear about us just tell Them you are coming from Incognito money Or YouTube channel then check all of These check check and click on register Now and then click on login once you

Have your account ready so I'm just Going to log into my account and now Pretty much this is how the members area Is going to look like if you are going To sign up in my ability of confusing But I'm going to pretty much walk you Through the entire things because this Video is aimed for beginners and I Really want to make money with this Method and I know it's possible it's Very easy and once you're going to do This not only you can be like 200 in a Single day over time you're going to be Building up a super simple asset and it Can be like 500 per day but I don't want To be promising this stuff because in Some cases most people are not just Going to do it for a long period of time Because once they make 100 200 300 they Want to change the method but you don't Want to be changing the method you just Want to scale it up okay you want to Build the biggest building in town and Not just be build a lot of small Buildings so I hope that makes sense now When you're going to log in on the right Hand side you can see your stats Overview but the very cool part is this Little chat that is right here which Pretty much makes this very awesome and You can also see like all these Different things that are right here That is colorful colorful text and this Is pretty much a proven proof from these

People for example this person oh old Time made Thirty one thousand dollars Then this person right here made seventy Six dollars and then he got like more Conversions and he made 86 dollars okay And for example this person only made Fifty dollars all the time this person Made 342 dollars today so it's Definitely possible to make this amount Of money and also if you're going to go Through this sometimes you're going to See someone that made over like a couple Hundred thousand dollars okay now Currently I'm not sure if I'm going to Find someone yeah currently nobody but If you're going to see me some of my Previous videos there's a lot of people That are actually going to be shouting Those earnings out now what you want to Do is you want to go to the left hand Side right here and just want to go to The offer tools and go to the my offers Now CPA grip has a lot of monetization Tools that you can use to actually not Force but kind of like incentivize People to complete the offers and then Do get something but we are not going to Be using them in this method we are Going to use this one right here my Offers this is where you can actually Browse through all the CPA offers that Are currently available I'm just going To select United States and actually get A direct link to promote them and get

Paid for doing that now I'm just going To sort them by what is it called the The payout rates you can see they Currently added even more offers for United States that have not been here Before like you could never get like a 12 payout for United States okay but for Example for this one if somebody is Going to install And subscribe to Epoch Times and they're going to start their Monthly subscription you are going to Get paid 12 okay so this is just one of The CPE offers but what do you want to Do if you don't want to go for these Ones because those are kind of like four Content lockers okay people don't get Like they did they do to get some value But we are looking for the email submits Okay so for example for these ones 3.44 This email slash zip submits are the Ones that we are going for don't go for The installs but you want to go for Emails of summits that are right here Okay so all these emails if submit Anybody just want to pick up one of them And that's all that needs to be there For the beginning what if you want to do Is we want to actually become multiple Of them later on so you just want to Keep this tab open so what I'm going to Do is I'll just pick up a gift card so Let's go with the gift card like right Here this is a gift card this is for Shane uh okay okay or fashion Noah and

You're going to get paid 3.44 okay so This is going to be the link that you Are going to be promoting and whenever Somebody is going to complete it you'll Get paid three dollars and 44 cents when You are promoting enough of the product Or affiliate uh product that you need to Sell just get your affiliate link and It's the same exact thing as well now The next thing we are going to be using Is you want to go to Google and just Search for a manychat okay it's child Marketing Made Easy with manychat you Want to click right here and this is a Also a completely free tool I believe They still have the pricing plans they Are completely free and you can see you Can get started with completely free no Credit card or charge or anything like That you just sign up completely for Free and you can actually use this Genius tool and it's also like 15 per Month after that if you want to like Upgrade but if you're going to upgrade It means you pretty much are making so Much money that 15 per month is not Going to to make a dent now this is Going to help you it's going to automate Conversations also it's going to Automate text messages Facebook Messenger WhatsApp and all these good Things but what we are going to be using It is going to be for Facebook Messenger But there's one more important thing

That this tool actually does and that is It can actually build up a messenger List of people that you can then Mass Message with any of your CPA offers and Instead of making like 200 per day you Can actually email message sorry not Email but message like 300 500 or 800 People all at once and for example if All of them are just going to make you One dollar on average which is Definitely possible you can make like 800 in a single day by using this tool So all you got to do is just click on Get started right here and you just want To sign up for this one right here which Is Facebook Messenger okay we are going To be talking about Instagram later on Because it's very powerful just go with Facebook Messenger right here then once Your account is created this is how it's Going to kind of look like now maybe It's a little bit maybe it will be Confusing but I promise you it's super Simple all you got to do is just create One growth tool which is going to be Like creating your list and then just Create a super simple messages that are Going to be promoting your CPA offers or Affiliate offers and then it's going to Make you money I'll show you exactly how To do that just go to the growth tool on The left hand side this little magnet Right here and you want to click on Create a new growth duel right here

We're going to create new one and these Are all the different ones that you can Actually select okay there's plenty of Them but the one we are going to be Using is going to be this one right here Landing it's going to create a super Simple landing page that you can Actually create and pretty much uh edit Without actually having any website any Domain any hosting manychat is going to Host it for you okay so this is how it's Going to look like I will close this Little chat right here and I'm going to Pretty much Zoom it in so the initial State you can select text or Media or Media background it doesn't really Matter just just something super basic Okay but I mean you can play around with It I will show you how it's going to Look like then you want to click on show Description as well and pretty much all These can be just like they are it's Going to add kind of like a Facebook Theme to it now if you want to actually See the landing page click right here on The show preview and it's going to show You how the landing page looks like if You add a media background you can add Like a little uh image or something like A video to the background I have done it Multiple times before it works well but For this method we just need something Super super basic and then to actually Edit it you're just gonna click right

Here and literally just edit it as you Can see right here so this is what you Want to just write Here sign up for free To receive 750 gift card to your Favorite Fashion Store click below to Sign up and instantly receive details to Your messenger chat also receive daily Updates about your latest gift card Giveaways because we are going to be Taking advantage of this chatbot to Actually send multiple CPA offers to People because you are getting paid for Every single person every 24 hours they Are going to complete conversion now They can create a complete one Conversion or one offer or they can Complete like 10 conversions or into Different offers every single day and This is where the big money is going to Be happening okay so this is going to be The landing page now just keep your SDS Or you can also customize it then click On submit it stays right here and you Want to click right here redirect to URL And now go back to CPA grip let's go Right here I want to copy this link Right here now you don't even have to Shorten it because it's the thank you Page just put it right here and that's Pretty much it that's pretty much it and Then you want to go on the next right Here and then you can also actually get The landing page URL right here but you Need to First activate it by click on

Publish right here okay so if you don't See the link just click on publish right Here and it's going to publish your Widget and now you're going to refresh It right there and then just at the Bottom you want to click right here on Disabled and click on activate as well It's going to save it and now you have Your link right here and if you're going To check it out and visit it this is how The landing image is going to look like It's super simple super basic doesn't Need to be anything complicated this is All they're really going for okay so This is going to be the landing page now Click on the little arrow right back and This is what's actually going to be like The little funnel okay so when people Are going to sign up you need to enter The first message they are going to Receive now it's super simple it's basic It doesn't need to be like a long email It's literally a message to tell them Like hey here is the thing that you Requested and that's it don't over Complicate it just like simple hey then Add a first name thank you for Subscribing here's the thing that you Requested and that's all and then just Think right here on add a button and you Are going to name the button click here And also add an emoji so for example Like a little arrow sign like here and Then when the button is pressed there's

Again plenty of things just click on Open a website and you want to enter the URL of your CPA offer right here on Website address everything as it is Click on done and pretty much that's it So this is how the how the message is Going to look like that's it that's it That's it and we can also like hold on I'm going to unzoom that I'm going to Publish this one just like this and I'm Going to restore this one right here and You can see this is how the message is Going to look like when somebody's going To subscribe so welcome first name thank You for subscribing you can click on the Button below to receive the link to your Gift card giveaway if you ever want to Unsubscribe just type stuff this has to Be there and then click on click here And then people click there they will Come to your CPA offer okay so now this Little flow is actually created and Click on publish make sure it's Published and you can just go back to The growth tools and now this is your Growth tool and you just get your setup Link right here and this is the only Thing that you are going to be sending Traffic to okay right here and to Actually add even more messages you can Just click on the right this plus icon And pretty much add a messenger which is Like another message and you can just Drag it right here then put them all

Together just like this then tie them All together like this click on add a Text and you can write another Promotional message for example hey and You're going to add a hey and first name Hey this is the latest guitar gear rate For today act act faster are limited Possible on this one it's for 750 cash a Giveaway click below to try it out and Make sure it's send within 24 hour Window it's going to send it in less Than 24 hours after write the message Because add a button and pretty much Click here and you also want to add a Little arrow and again open a website And this is where you add your CPA offer So this is for cash app so I'm just Going to find the cash app off right Here it's right here it's actually 500 So I'm just going to change it up but Let's add it there and let it do let's Put it to 500 and Bam that's pretty much It and also make sure it's going to be Saved click on publish and now when People are doing the sign up the first Message they are going to receive is Going to be the first giveaway then next Day they are going to receive another Message with another view way now all You got to do again go to grow tools and Just get traffic to this link right here Now to actually see the traffic strategy I want to make this video too long so Just go ahead and set up your manager

Account and tomorrow or on this video Right here that you can see right here I Will show you the exact step-by-step Strategy on how you can actually make Two hundred dollars put in your first Day just like I'm making right here on The CPA grip with this super simple many Chat bot all you got to do is just get The link set up two messages and in Tomorrow's video make sure to subscribe For that as well I'm going to show you Exactly how to do it very fast and also Completely for free

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