This 2-Step TRICK Pays You $250/Day To Watch Youtube Videos! (Make Money Online EASY)

And for the past week you can see I got 254 clicks out of which I received 30 Leads and made 294 dollars while making Over a dollar and 15 cents for every Single click and in today's video guys I'm going to show you exactly how to Make over 250 per day literally just by Watching YouTube videos you don't have To record any videos you don't have to Put your face on camera you don't even Have to create any videos using AI you Simply go to YouTube pick up a couple of Videos just like the way I'm going to Show you and you can make over 250 Dollars per day by doing this even Without generating any sales at all I Was testing this method out and you can See I made 294 dollars just from one Single video and in today's video I'm Going to show you the method exactly how It works step by step how to replicate It completely for free and at the end of The video I'm going to share with you The exact CPA offer that I use myself And the exact video that I used for this Method myself so you can just go ahead And steal this message from me without Any problems whatsoever but before that Don't forget to please smash the like Subscribe to the channel hit Notification Bell and let's get started With the step-by-step tutorial okay now The first thing you need to do is go to and pretty much you are

Going to get paid for people watching Some of your videos that you're going to Pick now pretty much the videos that we Are actually going for are going to be In some popular niches now the niches You want to pick up are going to be like Make money online internet marketing uh Wealth Finance something along those Lines for example like this video right Here which I already have in Recommendations the second thing is Pretty much a health and fitness so all Kinds of weight loss things how to lose Weight how to get a six pack how to Build muscle all these videos are going To work super well and then the third One is pretty much some kind of gadgets Or hidden things now this can be like a Camera footage or I don't know hidden Hacks on your phone hidden for hidden Hacks on like a Windows or Apple or Anything like that now pretty much all You have to do is again go to YouTube And for the sake of the video first off I'm going to show you how this works on Weight loss as Niche you just go to YouTube and you're going to find a Popular video now first of all I'm just Going to search for like a very basic Keyword like weight loss and then you Want to find a video that's going to Have a very good thumbnail okay so Pretty much we are looking for something That's going to have a very catchy

Thumbnail now there's a lot of them Right here so pretty much this one looks Very good for example this one fasting It just has like a really good uh Graphic of a person with a belly and Then person with abs so this is Something we are going for and then Pretty much the headline is intermittent Fasting for serious weight loss okay Pretty much all these videos they are Somehow click baity and they have these Marketing angles in their headlines and Also in their thumbnails and this is Something you can use and leverage Yourself to pretty much make this a lot Easier so any of these really clickbaity Videos now pretty much not just use all The videos you can just go to filters as Well and for example search by this Month to get a very recent video so you Are not going to be using someone else's Pretty much video from like last couple Of years that's going to be outdated Okay now for example this one right here Is very good so 12 golden rules for fat Loss that I always follow it's a very Clickbaity and also pretty much the Thumbnail this has worked for over 10 Years you can see this guy is actually Ripped so any kind of images just like This is going to work super super well Next thing you want to go to and this is what we are Going to use to create a very simple

Landing page because we actually want to Capture the traffic we are going to be Getting using these videos now pretty Much to sign up to get a response you Can use my languages in the video Description down below you can just sign Up through there you get a 30 day free Trial pretty much it's not even 30 a Free trial it's free trial forever There's a free forever plan but pretty Much I like to entice people to join for A paid plan because it's starting at Like 13 per month which is not a lot and Just one of the any sales or any kind of CPA conversions is going to make you Money for this just click on the first Link or Link in the video description to Sign up to get the response and you're Going to come to this page and then Pretty much go to the the tools right Here and the reason why we are using get Response and not other page builder is Because the landing page builder is Decent here but it's also going to be Collecting emails which you can use Later on pretty much to make even more Money from the same amount of efforts Just go to tools and go to the landing Pages and I'm going to show you exactly What landing page to create just click On create a template and you want to Start from scratch and use a very basic Template that has pretty much nothing on It so I like to use the template number

10 for methods like this I'm going to Call it YouTube a video method and Remember please watch until the end of The video if you want to see the exact Thing that I used because I'll show you The exact video also the exact Niche and The exact CPA offer I use myself because I know people who watch until the end They want to get a little surprised so I'll show you that as well now pretty Much what you want to do is just delete The logo right here delete this image Right here and pretty much use this Headline only and then pretty much make This part a little bit smaller so it's Going to look something like this Something like this and then pretty much A little bit up something like this and Then pretty much go to the video that we Have picked now pretty much I'm going to Go for this one because it looks very Cool so pretty much 12 golden rules for Fat loss that I always follow okay so I'm going to write here now once you are Creating your headline make sure you're Going to actually change the font family So pretty much don't use the font that's Default there because it's pretty Default font and it's not going to get a Lot of attention so I like to use like Railway fund Railway fund because it's Going to get a little bit more attention It's a little bit higher quality looking And also make sure you're going to make

The text black don't use the default Colors which was kind of like a grayish Because that doesn't really get any Attention and then pretty much Highlights some parts so here are my 12 Golden rules so I'm going to highlight The 12 golden rules and change the color To Red so pretty much 12 golden rules For fat loss that I always and I'm going To underline the always okay so just to Make the headline a little bit more Poppy then what you want to do you want To copy the link of the video so right Click on the video click on copy link Address and you want to go to this Website which is called thumbnail Grabber okay go to Google and search for Thumbnail Grabber and just use any of These to actually download the video Thumbnail from the video that we are Using so make sure to put it there and Just scroll down and download this file This is the highest quality file just Right click save image as and you're Just going to download this video then Go back to get response Landing Page Builder and pretty much move this little Bit down and you pretty much want to Click on the right right hand side and Drag an image right here you can replace And you pretty much want to add files And just upload the thumbnail okay and Click on ADD and that's going to upload It it's going to take some time to

Actually put it there but I just click On use and now you're going to have the Thumbnail right there so file added and Bam it's going to be right here and just Make sure you're going to resize it just Like this so it's going to be kind of Like in the center but also not too big Okay so something like this this is Going to work very well and then pretty Much make sure to right here into the Little X right here and then add the Text just right and to your best email Below to get access to and call it 12 Golden rules because that's what's going To be in the video this is very Important because you don't want to just Put there just get instant now or Something like that you want to make it Specific because then it's going to be Converting much higher if you were just To put there enter your best email below To get instant access it's like instant Access to watch but right now we call it The 12 Golden Rule so that's where we Are going to deliver on the next page And then pretty much the button is going To say yes get instant access and just Delete the first name okay we don't need The first name so this is how the page Is going to look like so far now what we Need to do is go to the next step okay The next step is going to be to actually Get some monetization part now for this One because this is in the health and

Fitness Niche you can just go to ClickBank okay now what I use was CPA Grip actually I will show you the exact After the end of the video but you Simply go to health and fitness because That's the niche we are using and you're Going to pick up any of these products For example like alpylin iCarly juice Cortexy whatever you want to do just Make sure it's related to the product Now in this case we have like this has For over 10 years 12 golden rules for Fat loss that I always follow so I want To pick up something that's going to be Related with fat loss so I'm just going To click on the Alpine this is like the New number one diet after on ClickBank I'm just going to check it out I'll Pile In secret for healthy weight loss okay Okay okay so this is going to work this Is weight loss I can use this no problem Okay so I'll just use this affiliate Offer for my case if you are in make Money online just use uh E-Business any Marketing you can be in any other issues As well just select appropriate offer Because otherwise it's not going to work Then the next thing you want to go to Website that's called and stay Very very powerful website that I've Been using recently to make a lot of Money because it has a lot of very good Functions so you want to copy the link Of the video so copy link address go to

Rightly and this is where we are going To create our advertisement now if you Don't have an advertisement created First click on create a new ad and let's Call it a weight loss offer and if you Have a free account which is more than Enough to get you started you can create One advertisement and create a lot of Different links so this is how the page Builder is going to look like on a right Clip and pretty much the way it works is You can create these little pop-ups on Any page without actually owning it now On YouTube it works very well and I will Show you why just pick up the left one Right here and make sure to put there to Show up after like 10 seconds 10 seconds Because you want to deliver the first Video first okay the main video first Then what you want to do is go to Alpiling click on promote and you want To get your affiliate link okay so click On generate copy your affiliate link and You want to go right here or wherever You're going to see like a URL or Anything like that you want to put your Affiliate link there okay because that's Where people can click now so far this Is how it's going to look like so it Doesn't make any sense but pretty much For the profile name what you want to Write here is going to be this part the Alpine secret for healthy weight loss so Pretty much the first part from the

Sales page if you are using any other Offer just use it as well we'll just go To the sales page and get some cap from That so the Alpine secret and let me Check it out Alpine secret for healthy Weight loss so that's going to be the Profile name you can see it right here And then instead of getting touch we are Going to put here this part super Healthy weight loss with Alpine's Proprietary blend of six powerful Alpine Nutrients and plants backed by clinical Research and just copy and paste it There okay so this is how our page is Going to look like now instead of my Latest tweets we are going to add call To action right here and then just take A screenshot of for example this part to Save the screenshot and just put it Right here as a profile picture you can Upload so our advertisement is going to Look like this the Alpine secret for Healthy weight loss blah blah blah click Here to check out L piling okay so this Is what we are looking for and you want To click on the done okay so now we are Going to have our advertisement ready to Go just get your video so copy link Address go back to rightly put it right Here paste and click on create link with Ad and this is where the magic happens You're going to create it and once You're going to visit this link this is How it's going to look like the main

Video is going to show up right here and Pretty much once you're going to wait Like 10 seconds you're going to see that There's going to be this advertisement Right here the Alpine secret for healthy Weight loss and because it's pretty much Matched with the main offer on how to Lose weight people are going to check it Out and that's how you're going to make The sales just make sure to copy the Link and pretty much go back to get the Response and pretty much click on next Step right here proceed with our mobile Version it's going to create it Defaultly and then you want to add this Link pretty much scroll down and not the Default thank you page you want to use a Custom thank you page right here and This is where you're going to enter your Link and click on publish okay so now When we publish it pretty much this is Going to be our landing page right here So when people go here you can see here My 12 golden rules for fat loss that I Always follow let me see the thumbnail Ripped guy all it makes sense people Just enter the email right here so I'm Just going to put in a dummy email and Your best email below to access the 12 Golden rules now just get instant access And when I click there I'm going to be Redirected to do video pretty much which Is going to have the thumbnail but Because I'm recording it right now for

Some reason the JavaScript doesn't work Here you can just test it out without Recording any video and then bam this is Where the advertisement is if you click Here to check out L piling then this is Going to be my affiliate link and Whenever somebody is going to make a Purchase through this for example they Are going to buy any of these supplement Packages I'm going to get a commission And I pretty much all you really need to Do is just send traffic to your landing Page that's completely free made in get Response just traffic to this page now You can use forums you can use free ads You can use Facebook groups you can use Other social media things like reels Tic Tacs or anything like that I leave that Up to you but I want you now exactly What I use myself what was the CPA offer And the exact traffic strategy that use Myself to make over 294 dollars by doing This now first of all I used videos just Like this pretty much hidden iPhone tips And tricks so any of the features any of The underground things that are on IPhone 25 hidden iPhone tips and tricks You had no idea existed because the Thumbnails are just fire you can see Useful iPhone hacks now and pretty much Most people know and have iPhone and if They have iPhone and they are going to See this video they are going to quickly On it okay so that's like no-brainer now

For the monetization part because this Is an iPhone thingy I just used CP Offers from CPA grip about iPhone 14 pro Now because I was promoting it worldwide I also received these 16 commissions There was also this 22 dollar CP offer Before but I also received smaller Commissions and smaller CPA conversions Because I was also getting like traffic From United States where the CPA Conversions are like two dollars and 40 Cents but also some pretty much Different countries don't have the IPhone offer so I got like even higher Commissions that were not about iPhone And then pretty much the traffic source That I used is none other than Facebook Groups so pretty much I used iPhone Tricks and tips Facebook groups which Have millions of members because these Groups they have a lot of posts every Single day and you're going to post There using my viral template you're Going to get a lot of traffic completely For free and your posts are always going To be at the top now to check out what Is the while posting strategy I'm going More detail about it in this video right Here so click here for the traffic Strategy and I'm gonna see you there bye For now

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