This GUARANTEED Method Makes +$100/DAY With ZERO Effort At ALL (Make Money With Affiliate Marketing)

There's plenty of ways to make money Online but if you are a complete Beginner this is as close as it comes to A guaranteed way you can make your first 100 per day with zero experience and Zero effort at all I'm gonna show you This easy done for you hack on how to Find proven affiliate marketing offers That are going to make you money Guaranteed and then I'm going to show You these near instant traffic Source Not just traffic source and instant Buyers traffic source which is pretty Much going to send you visitors that are Ready to buy your affiliate product that Means for most of the clicks you are Also going to start generating sales Right away and also some of my students Made money with this in as fast as 24 Hours so I don't see any reason why you Shouldn't be the next one but before That don't forget to please smash the Like for a good luck if you want to make Money with this method subscribe to the Channel hit notification Bell and Comment down below and tell me what will Be the amount per month for you to be Able to quit your day job and just work Completely online I'm really curious About this and I will be making most of The videos according to the methods so You can quit your day job as soon as Possible okay guys now the step one for This method is you want to go to and pretty much just sign Up for an account I have gone over this Multiple times it works pretty much Every single time the same way they just Want to head over to head over to the Marketplace and pretty much pick up an Affiliate offer now for this one we are Going to be just using a very simple Settings and the settings are is you Want to just click on any of the Categories that are right here for Example like home and garden and you Just want to go with the one that is Pretty much rank high or has a very high Gravity okay now gravity means how many Affiliates are in the past I believe two Weeks are promoting this and are Actually making money with this now I Don't know the exact number because they Never tell you what the gravity means Because there's like 0.47 so I don't Know like 47 of me is making money in 40 And 53 is not I don't know how that Works but like around 118 Affiliates in The past uh 14 days actually made money By promoting this offer so it means it Actually works super super well okay now You can use that's woodworking for Example if I go to spiritual Spirituality new age and alternative Beliefs you can use wealth mentally Manifestation if I go to I don't know Self-help right here you can use his Secret Obsession it's going to work very

Well and also if I go for for example uh If I go to languages I can also use like Rocket languages online language Learning courses Synergy Spanish Spanish VIP or any of these okay just make sure When you click on the category for Example self-help or for example Spirituality and new age beliefs go for The top one now the next thing you want To go to is going to be a website that's Called and all you have to Do is just click on the affiliate offer You are going to be promoting click on The link of the affiliate offer and then Just copy the main domain and put it Right here select us and click on search Okay and it's going to show you all the Proven ads that people are currently Running and are making money with them Now in this case it's just going to show You day scene one but you have all these Proven ads that people have been running And what you are really looking for with These offers is you want to find Something that has a lot of days running Like for example Ted's Woodworking if You go to the ads there's over 300 ads And over 106 of them in bing slash Yahoo And when you go to day scene you can see That these ads have been running for Over 100 days that means that these ads Are currently making money if you want To pick up an affiliate offer like that But don't just use the affiliate link

Because unfortunately one of the Strategies doesn't work anymore with the Affiliate link but here's how to work How to pretty much fix it next step you Want to go to High we're on The first thing in the video description And go to high this is one of The best all-in-one sales and marketing Platforms that I've been able to find Out they're also sponsoring this video I'm going to be completely honest with That but listen I don't take a lot of Sponsors because most of the softwares Most of the apps they are just broken They don't work at all but high level is A very good one I can definitely watch For that it's going to build two funnels It's email marketing platform it's a Autoresponder chatbot and it actually Delivers the emails that's really the Most important part because most of These all-in-one platforms none of them Actually work now the pieces of the Puzzle actually work but for high level It works super super well if you're Going we're going to link in the video Description so go ahead check it out Sign up and just test it out okay There's plenty of things you can see on The sales page but I will show you a Couple of them right now so when you're Going to sign up for an account not only You can resell the entire Service as if You are owning the entire business

Yourself you can also create a very Crazy looking funnels here very easily So just go to the sites on the left hand Side on the left hand section go right Here and you want to click on pretty Much funnels first of all and click on Create a new file okay you can just call It for example my final for Ted's wood Working okay what a kink working Okay Click on create a final and it's going To create it very fast also compared to Other final Builders the final Builder Right here is actually robust it's not Going to break like some other which I'm Not going to name but if you have been With some of them that are breaking all The time you know what I'm talking about And this one is not like that so create A funnel like that click uh create your First step now first of all you want to Go to forms right here and click on Builder because you want to create a First a form that's going to be Collecting email addresses and this is An easy way to actually bypass the Problem with one of the details of the Method okay and this that detail is Actually responsible for like 70 of the Sales so please be careful with that I'll I'll show you how to go around that Now click on add a form and we are going To create a new form pretty much that's Going to be super basic just just drag The elements that you want to collect

Now you only need to collect like the First name you only need to collect an Email and that's it nothing more but Just make sure you're going to add a Button as well and make sure you're Going to add a text right here and Pretty much click on the text and it's Super simple drag and drop now for the Form all I do is pretty much I say Please one more step or please enter Your best email below to continue that's All but make sure to enter please Because yeah I think that's more polite So please Enter your best email below to continue To the next step that's all that's all There needs to be no crazy copywriting And for example like 16 pixel font so It's going to look like this I'm going To actually add 21 because two lines are Going to be there either way and now for The button you just want to make sure You're going to sort it to the center Using this icon then for the text you Want to click here yes Get instant access and actually this Part this yes is something that I paid For over a thousand dollars back in the Day for the course and this is something I'm using every single time and it works Super well for most of my buttons that I'm using for search traffic I always Say yes get instant access okay you Don't want to say no because most people

They are just yes I guess he's getting Some access and it's going to reinforce The belief so this is a really cool Copywriting trick and then pretty much Subtext click here To continue This is what works every single time Just make sure also to change the colors So first of all we're going to add a Blue color to the button make sure the Border around uh make sure the corner Radius is 5 pixels so it's going to look A bit better and then make sure it's Full width and then pretty much just Make sure that the font size of the First one is like 21 or like 23 yeah 24 Actually and then the second one is also White okay and this is it this is your Entire form and click on Save form so It's going to save and go to the options And call it Woodworking offer and then also go to ClickBank copy your affiliate link you Can promote get your affiliate link and Copy that go back to high level and put It right here okay super super simple We're gonna say form and that's it now Go back to finals and we are going to Create a super simple landing page and I'm going to show you exactly how to do That in my previous video I showed you How to do it with click funnels Pages You can literally import the entire page Right here and it's going to design the

Entire page looking exactly like that But if there is no fungals here's how to Go about that so I'm going to call it Woodworking landing page path Woodworking Landing for example and then Click on find create a final step Because woodworking doesn't have pretty Much the the one we are going to be Using for this example you want to click On create from blank because you don't Have to even use the really good Templates that are there because for This method it doesn't really work that Good and you just want to click on full Width so it's going to create the entire Container of full width then click on Add the row click on one column and then Click on add an element and you want to Click on add a headline okay now all you Have to do is again go back to the sales Page copy the headline Super simple like that now keep in mind The headline is like off two parts so I'm going to copy the first part only And add it right here and then also I'm Going to duplicate the element go back Right here and hold on there's something Going on and copy this part right here And add it right here okay and also make Sure that the text size of this one is Going to be bigger so make sure to add It right here so for example like 45 and Also 44 right here on mobile and also Change the color so it's going to

Resonate with the main sales page okay So make sure to highlight it and change It to Red so just like this okay the World's largest collection of 16 000 Woodworking plants now also this is very Blank so you want to add one more Element and this element is actually Going to be an image and you pretty much Want to go to the sales page and want to Get this image okay because this is like Like a video but it also has like an Overlapping thumbnail and you just want To screenshot this part make sure you're Going to highlight it just like this Click on copy now go to and Click on paste okay and it's going to Paste the image right here and now all You have to do is just right click you Want to copy the image address and then Go back to high level and on the left Hand side image options just put it Right here and Bam now you actually have It right here just change the width to Like 480 pixels or let's do like 670 Okay just like this and then pretty much Under that we are going to add a button That's going to say get instant access And the button is right here I'm just Talking too much so not click click to Sign up we are going to add click here To get instant access and click here to Continue as the subtext and also we are Going to make a little bit bigger and Also change the little theme because if

I go to the sales page you can see the Button is orange so I want to make sure That this one is going to be orange as Well then click on it and you want to Make sure that it's going to say open a Pop-up just like this and then click on Up and you're going to add just one Element and that's going to be actually Our form that we have created okay Woodworking offer and Bam that's it this Is all you have to do and click on Save Okay and also don't forget to add the Title because I haven't added because I Was talking too much so we are going to Call it 16 000 wood Working hold on would not working with Woodworking plans okay and that's pretty Much it and update metadata and on sale And Bam this is how easy this could Create a landing page that's going to Make it really good and this is the Entire page because literally this is The entire offer okay right here that's All we really need and then when people Are going to add the email address right Here they are going to come right here And because we are going to use this Special strategy it's going to be all Buyers now how do you actually get those Buyers right here so remember we have Used ISP and Ash now one more thing you Want to do is actually set up the Campaign just go to Microsoft Advertising and you want to pretty much

Go to your account I'm going to go for Example to this dummy account because I'm tired of blurring out all the Details so I'm just using dummy accounts All the time go to campaigns you want to Create a campaign right here and you Want to select visits to my website just Like this click on search ads let me Just cancel this annoying little survey Click on next you just want to call it For example Woodworking and by the way Anybody that's going to set this up is Going going to see massive results and Some of you guys can actually make over 300 just by doing this and this is not The joke okay I know it's super simple Setup but don't underestimate it but Just because it's simple okay it it Works and that's the reason why most People don't make money because they are Looking for something shiny and Something that feels like a scam or Feels like a upper Edge but it doesn't Need to feel like that to make money Okay it can be super simple like this Then the budget 20 per day country the One card you want to select is going to Be United States just like this hit Enter and click on target then make sure People in your Target locations only Gonna Save and Go to The Next Step and Now you want to pretty much click on my Website is not ready and now first of All copy and paste just all the all the

Keywords that this person is using Okay Copy and paste it right here just like This and you want to do it for all of Them okay now this might take a bit of Time but this person has spent like Hundreds if not thousands of dollars Getting these keywords and there's a Reason why he's advertising only to These 470 days because this has been Making money okay you can be doing that As well so you add all the keywords and Then pretty much click on Save and Go to The Next Step and then you click on Create an ad right here and you really Just want to add your URL for the high Level page right here and then you want To select the headline from the Advertisement so right here just copy That don't even think about it okay Because some of these ads I wouldn't be Running them at all because I don't Really like them but there is a reason They have been running it for 170 days It's a saying like you don't want to Fall in love with your advertisement Because it might work or it might not Work the reason why you are doing it to See to get the results and to actually Make money from the advertisement that's The only metric you should be looking at Not if you like it or if you don't like It and also if it's pretty much uh just Two of these segments you want to add One more and then pin this one to First

Position second position and third Position just like this same goes with The description just make sure you're Not going to copy and paste the ad right Here copy this part until the first or Second period right here just about a Half Point put it right there and then Also copy and paste it right here and Put it as the second one okay so just Like this and then pretty much mobile URL is the same and add URL options you Can add a tracking template right here But you don't have to because we are not Direct linking okay we are not direct Linking and now we can also bid on the Brand because we are actually using our Landing page right here which is going To make sure that we can actually Advertise while also bidding on the Brand keyword okay if you cannot do it Otherwise because the original brand is Doing it itself and then you are Competing with pretty much with the Brand and they don't want that so you Cannot be doing that yourself and then You just want to click on Save right Here let's scroll all the way to down Then the bit strategy you want to use Right here enhance my bit adjust my bit Or also maximize clicks and you want to Set a maximum cost per click of 40 cents And then the last important setting go To the advanced campaign settings and Make sure the ad distribution is set to

Hold on not the entire because they Changed it we want to go Microsoft sites And select traffic okay okay because This one is going to give you additional Partner traffic but we don't want that Because additional partner traffic means Low quality traffic means no sales we Only want to use Microsoft sites and Select traffic this is going to get you The highest quality traffic that's going To result into sales and you just click On Save and finalize the campaign and That's it this campaign has been running For 173 days and if you're going to Create a landing page just like I showed You right here in high level go ahead And check them out the first link in the Video description is going to give you The free trial to just test them out Because I honestly think if you are Looking for something lately the page Builders that have been working are not Really working anymore I haven't seen Anything better than high level actually I don't know why they are staying so Much under the radar go ahead check them Out create your account then go ahead And create these landing pages for these ClickBank offers advertise them and Pretty much for every single dollar You're going to spend you should be Making at least two dollars back so you Can spend one dollar make two dollars You can also spend 100 and make 200 back

Or also spend 1 000 and make two Thousand dollars back and that's over One thousand dollars in profit and That's it hope you enjoyed this method Let me know what you think about it in The comment section below and for the Next video check out this one right here Which is going to show you another high Quality method that's highly recommended To you body YouTube algorithm so click Here and I will see you there bye for Now

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