THIS IS LEGIT! ZERO-COST Method To Earn +$80-$150 Every 60 Minutes! (NO Laptop OR Skills Required)

In today's video I'm going to show you a Zero Coast method you can use to get Completely instant traffic in less than One minute from setting this up and make Anywhere from 80 up to 156 dollars per Hour of doing this now maybe eighty Dollars is not already that much per Hour but you can literally do this from Anywhere while you are traveling to the Work or while you're doing anything at All pretty much all you need to do is Just have your Wi-Fi connection and your Phone you don't even have to have a Laptop for this and if you're going to Do this for example for like four hours Per day that's like 320 dollars you can Make per day doing this and also you Don't even have to generate any sales at All now I myself I was able to make over 160 dollars just by testing it out and In today's video I'm going to show you Exactly how anyone can get started just Before we get started don't forget Please like the video subscribe to the Channel hit notification Bell comment Down below what did you like about this Video and what did you didn't like and Let's get started with the step-by-step Tutorial okay guys I'm the step number One for this method what you need to do Is you need to go to this is Going to be the CPA network of choice The reason for it is because they have Very unique High converting offers with

The best payouts in the entire industry You just want to go to Download the application on either IPhone or Android and pretty much you Can see that if you're going to go to The page this is how it's going to look Like inside but they are only pretty Much invite only in this video as well I'm going to get you a guaranteed code To get approved but you need to watch This video until the end because it's Not for everyone and I don't want to Make this method saturated so for the People who are watching my videos from Beginning to the end I want to reward You by giving you a guaranteed approval For that map because I know a lot of People are struggling to get this but Also I don't want to make this message Saturated for you so I hope you're going To appreciate that and the next thing You want to go to and I'm Just going to Breeze through this Process because this is not the most Important part of this method I want to Show you the instant traffic hack that's Going to get you conversions right away You just want to create your account and Pretty much you want to create like a Simple landing page age with couple of Offers from tab map something like this Like this giveaway offers that I created In my previous video you just want to Add couple of links this is something we

Are going to be using to actually make Money from the free traffic something Like this and then when you're going to Visit it it's going to look something Like this just use any kind of like a Linking link tree bio link a landing Page to create something and add five to Seven CPA offers for the sake of the Video I'm just going to use this one but I really want to focus on the traffic Hack of this method now here comes the Traffic hack what you want to do is step One go to Google and search for math Quiz just search for math quiz this is The exact searching to go for and click On images okay and what you are looking For are these super simple but kind of Like clever math quizzes now there's a Lot of them don't go for these ones we Are looking for these ones okay these Ones where people need to think about Like if you start dividing first or you Start subtract subtracting first I hope I'm pronouncing it correct so these ones Right here this is what you're looking For you can also come with your own but The best the easiest way just go to Google and find something or this one Right here okay something not too hard Don't add like I don't know how to go to English but all those uh hard Mathematical operations don't add those Just make it like this okay something Like this if you are if you really want

To be unique and this is something I Recommend because it takes you just few Minutes go to canva and recreate the Math which you don't have to come up With it yourself just recreate it okay Something like this because you're going To find a lot of images that are not Really like word for the method you are Looking really looking for images that Are super simple like this okay images Like this so this is the thing now the Next thing you want to go to is going to Be Tick Tock okay you want to go to tick Tock and don't worry this is going to Work instantly you just want to go to Tic Tac and sign up for an account okay This is the first thing go to Tic Tacs App for an account and let's transition To my phone and you want to open up a Tic Tac page your Tic Tac pay you okay Now this is my damage page that I was Using and this is the exact page that I Used so I just used a dummy page and you Don't even have to create anything Complicated now what you want to do is You want to download the math 3v app Into your account to do that you simply Go to Google for example search for math Quiz and then you just hold your uh hold Your finger on it and just select the First save image that's all you need to Do save the image then go back to tick Tock and you want to click on the plus Icon Okay click on the plus icon and now

You can see me right here you can also See me right there and what you want to Do is you want to scroll to the live Section okay this is going to be the Hack go to the live section you go on The effects then click on the green Screen right here and go for the third One okay we are looking for this one Right here which is going to allow you To put this screenshot put this math Trivia onto your page you can see if You're going to use this one it's very Big okay so you don't want to be using Something that's really huge but this is Yeah kind of like the biggest one we can Be actually using but you really want to Go for like this one okay so it's kind Of like smaller and you can see still See yourself okay so this is what you Want to do this is going to be your Setup and it's going to capture the Attention of people on Tick Tock so this Is all you have to do and now pretty Much just click on the go live and You're going to start getting instant Free traffic from people who are Scrolling Tic Tac but also they are Pretty much just browsing it but also People uh not people but Tick Tock is Pushing the live videos to random people Because it's live it's happening right Now and you can see it's notifying my Viewers that I'm live and then pretty Much all you have to do is sometimes

Just shout out your beacons link okay It's pretty much for my case it's Beacons AI slash uh Inca into giveaways So I can just shout it out but also when People are going to come you can simply Just go to the more go to the comment And you can just write the link so Pretty much it's going to be beacons Beacons dot a I slash incoming viewers You just post it okay and pretty much Now people can just go to this link and Just shout it out like hey by the way if Anyone is looking for like a Sheen you Wait you can just check it out they are Currently the one running a 750 gift Card giveaway there's also a couple of More of them just go ahead and check Them out and then just keep talking to People okay and this is the thing you Can just literally get 10 viewers and They are going to complete more CP Offers just because they see you okay so This is the the power of this you're not Going to get thousands of views you can But you don't even have to get thousands Of views you literally you just need Like 10 20 people per hour to complete Multiple CPA offers and you are making At least 80 dollars per hour by doing This and this live is going to get Pushed to people automatically you don't Have to like do something crazy but Because people are going to see this Live they're going to see this math

Trivia and if they are going to see it And they also see the replies they are Going to come and check it out just chat To them and ask like what is the reason What is the result what do you think is The result and also just sometimes Mention the link and just comment it and That's it you can just do this for an Hour anywhere laying on the couch doing Whatever you want and you are going to Get these conversions now listen up You're not going to get thousands of Viewers right away but you don't have to You can just get like 10 15 or 20 Viewers for the entire hour but because They see right here they see this is a Live person they are going to click on The link and they are going to complete These CPA offers and they are literally People making like four thousand dollars Per day by doing this okay so you can Just make a lot of money this is Obviously with the following on is on on Tic Tac but if you have no following you Can make easily couple hundred dollars Per day by doing this and also this Works super well if you have the Followers like this person was able to Make 4.5 thousand dollars okay you can See the right here this is real proof From the application all you have to do Is just set up your Tic Tac just add the Math trivia set up the live and just Create your beacons page and Shout out

In the comments and sometimes mention it Now the guaranteed way to get approved Pretty much for this method is going to Be right here when you are signing up to That map use my code 8964 and then the code to pretty much Put into the additional information While creating your account put their Incognito Tick Tock method okay this is Going into code and they are going to Get you approved guaranteed I'm going to Hide it right now so it's only for the People that are watching this video from Beginning to the end and yeah just let Me know how it's going to go and how Much money you are going to be making With that and also if you need to have The thousand followers to actually get The live because some people don't need To do that just go to Google search for Tic Tac followers and you can literally Just buy like a thousand followers from One of these Pages all you have to do is Just get a thousand followers and then Wait a few minutes it's going to Register them and that's how you are Going to actually grow your account and Get the live super super fast I wanted To leave this at the end of the video For people that are watching Always till The end comment down below if you're a Crazy person and let's go ahead and test Out this method and tell me how much Money you're going to make with it and

That's it hope you enjoyed this one Don't forget to leave a like and for the Next highly recommended video buy the YouTube algorithm click here and let me Know if it was a good recommendation bye For now

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