Top 3 Ways to Grow Your YouTube Account

Success on YouTube has potential to catapult your business into the stratosphere and yet it is one of the most under-utilized platforms when it comes to online success.

YouTube has the huge advantage of still offering relatively little competition. While there are millions of videos, its still MUCH easier to rank at the top for a given keyword on YouTube than it is on Google.

What’s more, is that YouTube gives you the ability to communicate in a far more emotive and memorable way with your audience. A single video can not only convey your personality, but it can also evoke certain emotions and feelings through imagery and sound. This can translate to brand loyalty and sales in a way that you wouldn’t believe.

So how do you grow on YouTube? Lets find out.

High Quality Consistency

YouTube has the potential to be a huge source of passive income on its own for many people, the dream is to become a YouTuber. Unfortunately, getting to this point can be a challenge and many will give up after the first few months.

YouTube success is like a pinwheel. This means that it can take an awful long time and a lot of effort to get going, but once it reaches maximum velocity, it gains its own momentum and becomes unstoppable.

You WILL make LOTS of videos that get 3-10 views. But keep going!

Create Amazing Thumbnails

You can have the best content in the world on YouTube, but if you dont create an amazing thumbnail to go with it, you wont get many clicks. When your content is suggested, you need to make sure that people actually want to find out what it is.

To that end, a good thumbnail should stand out. You should have a consistent style that sets your brand apart, but you should also try to evoke an emotional response in the viewer. Tell a story. Inspire them. Or pique their curiosity!

Respond to Trends

Another good strategy for quickly growing your audience is to follow the community and to respond to trends.

A way to get renown on YouTube quickly, is to make response videos that critique or back-up something that another person has said. By doing this, you can gain exposure to their audience and make yourself known in those circles.

But doing this simply to get noticed is also a practice that can make you unpopular. That’s why its smart to listen to the trends and to look for other topics that are generating responses from other creators. How can you weigh in on that? What is your opinion?

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