Video Marketing Blaster PRO – VMB Review [Software Demo]

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What Is Video Marketing Blaster PRO ?

Video Marketing Blaster PRO is the only software that you need to find YouTube keywords, analyze your competiton, get SEO optimized title/description/tags and track the progress of your videos.

With our own lexical semantic engine we are able to backtrack YouTube ranking alogrithm and deliver you top rankings.

Main Features Of Marketing Blaster PRO:

Keyword Finder

VMB PRO uses it’s own Lexical Semantic engine in order to find long tail keywords and related keywords. Compared to the other tools on the market VMB will give you 500% more keyword suggestions.

Competition Analyzer

VMB Pro will analyze and spy on your competition, giving you detailed data about how hard is to rank in a specified niche. VMB will take in consideration over 70 ranking factors, check out the image on your right.

Title/Desc/Tags Generator

With the click on one button VMB PRO will generate you titles, description and tags that will out rank all the competiton. Your descriptions will not be stuffed with keywords,they will contain pharses that contain the targeted keywords.

Rank Tracker

Any successful marketer knows that tracking your video rankings and progress is critical. You can track your video progress not only on YouTube but on Google also.

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