Video Marketing Blaster Review and Demo [2021]

[LIVE] Video Marketing Blaster Pro Review With LEGIT Proof of Rankings.
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In this Video Marketing Blaster Review and Case study I show you step by step the EXACT steps I take, taking a a random niche (plumbing) with ZERO insight and get THREE videos ranking #1 on Google and Youtube beating local plumbing firms with years of authority.

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Here is a complete breaking down of what I cover in this Video Marketing Blaster Pro Review and Case Study:

🕒 Introduction to Video Marketing Blaster Pro ⏩ 0:00
🕒 What you need to know about VMB Pro before using it ⏩ 0:35
🕒 The niche Im going to be ranking with Video Marketing Blaster Pro ⏩ 02:35
🕒 Quick Keyword Research Guide ⏩ 03:35
🕒 Using Found Keywords with Video Marketing Blaster ⏩ 07:30
🕒 What are the “money keywords” ⏩ 09:42
🕒 Understanding the Video data in Video Marketing Blaster ⏩ 09:44
🕒 What to do when keywords aint working for you ⏩ 11:00
🕒 What do with your keywords Video Marketing Blaster Pro Found for you ⏩ 14:05
🕒 Create perfect SEO headings, descriptions, and tags using Video Marketing Blaster Pro Video Details Option ⏩ 14:20
🕒 See what your competitors are doing on Youtube using VMB Pro’s Niche Analysis ⏩ 20:35
🕒 What does the Rank Tracker do ⏩ 22:25
🕒 OOPS! I forgot to create a video… Watch how simple I make this process ⏩ 22:56
🕒 [OPTIONAL] Creating the video slideshow in Video Spin Blaster Pro Plus ⏩ 23:48
🕒 Creating a simple Youtube thumbnail ⏩ 28:00
🕒 Uploading niche youtube videos using Info from Video Marketing Blaster Pro ⏩ 29:27

Videly Review:

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  1. Had a great time watching and use your affiliate code to actually buy the software I'm having a problem with my industry in my niche my first niche I want to work on is child care. Would love to have any assistance and help

  2. Thanks for the interesting tutorial. It was worth time spending and understanding concepts. I am completely new to Youtube. I have a very small youtube channel and have very low visibility. Hence, I am looking for something similar to rank my videos higher on Youtube and Google. However, I have a question. What about keywords that are people are using the most. Like if the competitor has a million views and you want to make sure that you are still around him or at least on the same page. What will be the process in that case? Do you have any video demonstrating to achieve the aforementioned task? Again thanks.

  3. I enjoy your review on video marketing blaster pro I am going buy right now. My niche is uber driver. I call my self rideshare Corey on YouTube. I need help in my niche hope you can do a video on my niche. I am trying to sign up people to drive for uber with my promo code. TX84BUE so I can make 150 dollars with my invite code uber give to driver to promo their business. I only sign up one person that my sister . pretty soon I be sign up my brother. He got nice use truck ask me how get with uber for second job. Second I am affiliate with click bank I have not made any money with click bank. my niche on click bank is weight loss. I want ask you a question is uber a niche I no weight loss is because it a product to buy.

  4. Hi Marty, 2 questions? 1: What is your strategy for monetising this? Do you find a niche first then find a customer to buy it…or…sell the concept to the customer and then create content and ranking for that specific customer? 2: Can you swap out the videos using VMB like you can in Vide Blaster Live2 which I am currently using? DM me on

  5. Would this software help me if I have a YouTube channel which is in the Top 10 niche? I don’t have actual products I sell however would like to help get more traffic to my channel and videos. Thanks for the vid btw!!!

  6. I bought the system Blaster academy and tried it on my friends new business check it out Nail Technician Redcar it’s top of google.
    This is a great video explaining how it works.
    I was not happy at first spending all that money but I’m sure I’ll make my money back within the 1st year.
    Great demo if I’d seen this I’d not of worried about buying.

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