Video Marketing Blaster Review – "The Perfect Youtube Tool For Newbies"

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Today I’m doing a Video Marketing Blaster Review and I’ll also give you a thorough tutorial & proof of this software tool.

This is the perfect tool if you wanna start doing Youtube and you’re a complete beginner because it shows you How to Rank YouTube Videos FAST


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  1. Where n how to get the “recommended back link sources”? Anything I should enable anywhere? I followed the exact procedure you showed in video but I just can’t find that “ recommended back link sources” anywhere. I’ve got VMB 1.43. Latest. So help. Thanks.

  2. Hi Andy can you please get me keywords, title, details and tags on keyword "Breaking News UK Today" if you send me the info and if it ranks my video I am happy to purchase VMB. Looking forward to hearing from you soon

  3. Hey thanks for the review? have you tried MyVideoSpy. i was in a producr reserach and i wanted to see how different in features or better this is compared to my video spy! I would love your oppinion if you have tried that as well!

  4. Looks decent but unfortunately the description portion is using keyword stuffing which can actually penalize you on YouTube. Once you start using about 4 or more keywords you can decline from that. I'm still interested I like that it can save your info be nice if it could analyze your current videos and recommend changes for higher rankings.

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