Video Marketing Blaster Review : WATCH BEFORE BUYING!

Video Marketing Blaster promises to assist creators with ranking videos on YouTube and Google. Their advertising promises often depict ranking YouTube videos in 60 minutes or less.

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0:33 – The Immediate Upsell
1:36 – Downloading the Software
2:58 – Training from Vlad
5:12 – Cross Referencing Their Keyword
5:58 – My First Keyword Phrase
9:27 – My Second Keyword Phrase
14:00 – My Third (Final) Keyword Phrase
16:04 – 5 Days After Using the Blaster Suite
16:15 – First Video Performance Review
18:19 – Second Video Performance Review
21:16 – Third Video Performance Review
24:19 – Conclusion : How I Feel About the Software

After being subjected to a constant onslaught of online marketing regarding the Video Marketing Blaster Suite brand of software, I decided to take the chance to check out the program for myself.

Immediately after starting the software for the first time, there are several training videos featuring the CEO and other members of the team, offering advice on YouTube SEO optimization. Much of the advice that the team provides will absolutely help videos rank, but only through the research and application of a solid long tail keyword – which this training fails to provide.

Utilizing the software to research your desired title description and tags can be a baffling experience. Many of the search terms that the software suggests fail to garner top rankings. The keywords that were suggested for my videos would never help a video reach any type of Google ranking.

As a YouTube marketer the ranking factors that videos must adopt in order to reach their intended audience are quite easy to understand. This specific software does not appear to assist in that process. If the search terms applied to the video fail to touch that intended audience, then the video will never rank high to any degree.

Many of the other reviews you’ll find in the search results above and below my video are affiliate marketing commercials. In the interest of making money online, these affiliate marketers have given the false impression that VMB can reverse engineer the ranking process and get videos to the top in minutes.

Needless to say, the description of this video and title were not composed by VMB depicted in the SEO tutorial.

If you’re interested in a real tool for optimizing the keywords in your content, I suggest checking out VidIQ


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  1. Thanks for honest word, you saved my money, so you got a like and sub from me. I saw those guys making 100 000$ in 20 min selling their stuff. Even if they really do not lie and give money back, its very shady what they do, I think. Keep testing them out. I actually got speechello, that is not to bad, but you get thrown to the pro version offer, and some more offer. Maybe test out doodly to on your channel. Its sure look nice, but its built on the same way in the promotion. First a offer, after you purchased another offer, then another offer. Before you know it you spending 250$ on it, but you startet at 67$. That whats happens to speechello. I hope youtube one time will give honest youtubers some advances, let them come to the top on rankings.

  2. Very honest review and very good. I use Speechelo from their platform. It does the job. I bought Captionizer. It does the work, but not as I hoped-too little automation over doing the same tasks in Youtube. I asked for a refund on the last one. I intend to keep Speechelo.

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