Watch Me Build $2,000/Day Online Business In FEW Clicks! (Make Money Online For Beginners)

In this video I'm going to show you how You can build a two thousand dollars per Day online business using a high level In just a few clicks I'm going to show You the exact method that I was able to Use just a few months ago while I was Just legit testing it out I made over 194 dollars and 55 cents that was a Quick math but pretty much in today's Video I'm going to show you how to Actually use this method but turn it Into a fully functional affiliate Marketing business using high level Platform which is like all-in-one Marketing platform so you don't have to Sign up anywhere else and instead of Just making like 200 per day you can Actually scale it to over two thousand Dollars per day with just a few clicks And using pretty much the exact traffic Source that I'm going to show you in This video the best part about this is This is going to be very cost efficient And also you can start generating your First sales in like 48 hours from Watching this video because the traffic Source takes like 30 minutes to set up And then you just sit back relax do Nothing at all and it's going to be Getting you targeted buyers traffic Which is going to be converting into Sales on autopilot using the exact Method that I'm going to show you how to Set up right now and the best part is

You don't even have to pay me for that All you have to do is just please like The video subscribe to the channel hit Notification Bell comment down below What was the worst part about this video So I can always improve in the future And let's get started right now okay as I'm the step number one what you need to Do is we need to sign up to high level Okay now the URL for high level is going To be in the first link in the video Description just click on that link and You can sign up it's my affiliate link It's my referral link so I will get a Affiliate commission but otherwise if it Was a bad software I would not be Promoting it because as you can see from My previous videos I don't really Promote a lot of softwares I don't Really give you any affiliate links Unless it's a very good software and That's where high level comes in this is Like an all-in-one uh marketing platform For funnel builders for agencies for Email marketers for affiliate marketers Where you can just sign up and have Pretty much everything ready to go and These tools actually work okay how I was Able to test out a lot of tools over the Years and most of the time the tools That the software is going to be Promoting you like all in one tools just One of the tools actually works very Well and that's the reason why I pretty

Much build my funnels in one page then I Use email marketing from other page and Stuff like that because that's the best Way to do it for now but pretty much High level combines all these features Together so you don't have to sign up to All of these different platforms you can Have everything under one roof now if You're going to sign up you can see they Have a 14 day free trial so you can just Pretty much test it out for the next two Weeks see how you're going to like it And pretty much over 20 000 agencies Were actually able to set this up now The cool part about this is if you're Going to sign up you also get the agency Access which means you can pretty much Resell the software as your own which is I think very crazy because most of the Softwares when you're going to buy them You can just use them but high level Actually gives you an agency access so You can resell this entire software as Your own to like different companies Different businesses and pretty much Change up your logo and sell it as your Own software so if you like to me to Record a video about that which I think Is a very very easy method to make money Online then comment down below high Level agency method now once you're Going to create your account pretty much This is where where you're going to land On this is how your account is going to

Look like this is all the things that You really need and if you're going to Notice the only like logo of high level Is actually right here and when you're Going to change it you can change it for Your own even face and pretty much sell This as your own membership area or your Own platform where other people can be Building up their funnels now for this Method that we are going to be using we Are going to create our own funnel so we Can actually first start making sales And then also generate details on Autopilot now the way to do that is you Just go to this bottom section right Here and you can see there's the Marketing there is the automation there Is the site we are just going to be Using the sites for now and this is Where you are actually going to be able To create your own funnel that we are Going to be using so click on the sites And first of all what we need to do is We need to create our form okay because The form is what actually is going to Pop up but we gotta start from the from The end okay so we need to First have The form so we can build the landing Page and then when you click on the Button the form is going to pop up so Just click on add a new form and for the Form what I really use is is just very The most basic form because it converts Always the best if you're going to add

All the fancy bells and whistles it just Maybe is going to lower the conversion Rate but if you're going to add like Just blank form it's never going to Decrease the conversion rate so pretty Much what I like to use if I'm using Like a good source of traffic not solo Ads for solo ads I never collect the First name but for any other traffic Source I always collect the first name So just drag the first name right here That is going to collect the first name Of the person you need to enter the full Name because that might be a little too Personal for some people and if they Want to enter their full name they are Just going to enter it right here then You also want to collect the email Obviously and then scroll all the way Down and you just want to enter the Button okay so that's going to be right Here now for the button just click on it And you want to center it right just Like this and then pretty much for the Text I like to include yes as the first One so pretty much it's like yes it's Like positive and then get instant Access now just like this and then Prefer that the subtext click here to Control continue so something that's Going to reinforce the first message but The yes is something that really Increases the conversion rate because It's like yes it's like positive 100

Positive like for example somebody might Not get to get instant access but they Want to do the yes and it's pretty much Like everybody understands yes it's a Yes or no it's like green or red blue And red or something like that so pretty Much yes always always works now pretty Much for the color what I like to use is Pretty much some some form of a blue Color because it's very neutral it's not Going to tell people like some red color Like fast or green color that's like Very very positive blue color is very Neutral and it's never going to like uh Tell someone to like go away from the Page pretty much always use the full Width for the button and now pretty much We just need to increase the font size So for the main font I'm going to use Like 23 pixels something like this and For the second font I'm just going to Use like 14 is actually all right I'm Just going to change the color to white Okay so this is pretty much exactly what The form needs to be about in some cases I add the text right here pretty much Make sure that people are people no Worries form about because we are going To be using it as a pop-up we don't need To do that and now just click on Save Form right here and the form is saved Next Step go to the sites go to the Funnels and click on the new funnel and You pretty much can go with the template

The right library and check out any of These that are right here which are Going to work super well for example Like the free resource and download Pages these are really really good but For what we are going to be using I'm Going to show you a super cool funnel That you can use to promote with any Other affiliate offer because I like to Do it that way so when you are going to Be using any other affiliate offer any Other affiliate program maybe even your Own CPL for your own CP uh affiliate Program you can just use this funnel Okay so you are going to call it for Example Incognito final number one and I'm going to create it right now and Pretty much once it's going to open up You can see on the left hand side this Is where the launch checklist is and These are all the pages in the final and The good part about our funnel is we Really need just one page so we're going To add a new step and let's call it First landing page I'm going when you Call a free video you're going to know Exactly why and then click on create a Funnel step and Bam it's created right Here now what you want to do is just go Right here and click on create from Blank okay we are going to be using a Blank page to get started so you can Actually create it according to the Template that I'm going to show you but

Before we actually go there what we need To do is we need to pick up our Affiliate offer okay now in the previous Video that I showed you I pretty much Made what like 160 dollars and also like 34 on this so pretty much like almost Two hundred dollars but what I want to Show you is how to actually scale this To over two thousand dollars per day and That's very simple tweak that we are Going to be using because the traffic Source is not really going to change and I will share with you the traffic source As well so just go to sign Up for an account and then pretty much What we are going to be using is going To be the E-Business and E Martin Category and then on the right hand side You want to click on sort the results by And you're going to see there are these Two options average conversion or Initial conversion now the initial Conversion means that the first product In the final the first thing that people Are going to see is going to be very Very expensive okay now for beginners That's not the best way to go about it If you don't have like a good selling System which most beginners don't Actually have access to especially for Free so what we want to do is you want To use the average conversion which is Like over time the main product the Funnels the final upgrades the otos the

Recurring all those things added up are Very high and this is going to be more Sure five way for beginners to actually Get from like a 30 sale to like a two Thousand dollar sale five hundred dollar Sale or a thousand dollar sale just go With average conversion high to low and Now you want to pick up the products Right here so you can see for example This product online marketing classroom Up to 740 dollars per sale you can see That the initial conversion is literally Just 16 but the average conversion is One point six thousand dollars so this Is a recurring product that when Somebody is going to buy for 16 you can Expect to make 1.6 000 long term from this person so this Is pretty much why you want to pick up The area each conversion because you can Easily get those 17 sales but it's very Hard to make them stick so pretty much For this they have a very good Membership area that is going to do that For you then for example commission hero Right here it has initial conversion of 794 but the average conversion is 1.3 Thousand dollars so they have some Upsells and also some recurring in the Funnel now all these products are going To work like that pretty much one two Three profit initial conversion 247 Dollars but the average conversion is One thousand dollars so you are getting

Like 4X the amount of main commission Okay so this is pretty much exactly what You want to pick up now the product that I'm going to go for is going to be right Here Perpetual income 365. now what you Want to do is you want to open up the Sales page of the product and we want to Pretty much copy and paste the headline That we are going to be using pretty Much how Ordinary People are Manipulating the secret algorithm to Make Perpetual income every single month So I'm literally just going to copy this Then going back to high level they want To select full width and you want to add The row one column and now you just want To add a text element now you can select Headlines sub headline paragraph I would Just go with the headline and I'm just Going to copy and paste the entire text There but I want to style it somehow so It's going to look like this so you can See the first part is white the second One is red and the third one is white as Well so I'm just going to duplicate it Three times then in the first one I'm Just going to delete all the paragraphs The second and third then the first then Second one I'm just going to leave the First paragraph so I can edit it in the Last one I'm going to do like the first Three paragraphs now I can edit every Single part how I want and essentially What I'm just going to edit is going to

Be the second paragraph so I'm just Going to highlight the secret algorithm And then pretty much on the left hand Side I can just easily resize it to be Big as this and also change the color so For example I will go with reddish color Okay but also you need to change the Baltex color so it's going to look just Like this okay and now the page looks a Lot more like this one obviously it Doesn't look exactly like that but it Doesn't have to be now the next thing we Want to do is we want to take a Screenshot of this video right here just Like this and you pretty much want to Upload it somewhere okay now I'm using Light chat to take these screenshots and Pretty much when I'm going to upload it It's instantly going to upload so I can Literally just copy and paste the link Another cool part about it is if you're Going to upload it for example to like Imgur you can literally just copy and Paste the image address go back to high Level put in an image element and you Can pretty much just add the link right Here in the image options just like this And it's going to upload it there for You so you can see you don't even have To download the image yourself now the Width go with like 400 no that's too low 550 pixels something like this so how Ordinary People are manipulating this Secret algorithm to make Perpetual

Income every single month so this is Going to be our landing page and also Let's make it like 650 actually okay Okay this is perfect and now the only Thing we need to add is going to be our Button right here which we are going to Just style using the themes that are Right here now let's check out the sales Page the button is kind of like a Reddish color right here so you want to Kind of like match it and if you're Going to go right here okay it's right There so I'm going to go for this one Okay so it kind of looks like that and I'm going to pretty much right there so Right here I'm going to click here yes Get instant access right now click here To continue to watch the full video okay And just like this so this is going to Be our button and also the button action You want to make sure it's going to say Open pop-up okay just like that then you Want to go to pop-up right here and this Is going to be our finalized landing Page click on ADD row and just add one Column add element and you just click on The form and we are going to add our Form right here and then our landing Page is done dust it just create it okay This is all we need to do and now just Click on Save right here and add a title Now for the for the traffic we are going To be using we don't need to do any any Title but I'm going to call it secret

Algorithm and that's it and click on Save once again and pretty much now when I'm going to preview the page you're Going to see it looks like this how Ordinary People are manipulating the Secret algorithm to make professional Income every single month people cannot Click on the video yes get instant Access right now now they enter pretty Much their details yes getting snacks Right now they are going to come to the Sales page and that's how we can start Generating the commissions but pretty Much because we want to make even more Money what we are going to do is we are Going to use this automations from high Level now this is essentially like a Follow-up sequence that is going to be Working for every single person and the Cool part is you can see that literally In the high level you don't need to go For a separate autoresponder and this Autoresponder actually delivers the Email addresses the reason why I always Recommended get response before actually With high level is because it actually Delivered email addresses unlike other Email marketing softwares or platforms That are all in one I tested high level And I actually received all the emails So I can definitely watch for that if You're going to use this it's going to Make your emails go to the inbox unlike Some other all-in-one Services okay I'm

Not going to be naming any names just go To automation just and click on create a Workflow now if you don't like emails Don't worry we are not going to be Creating any we are literally just going To be copy and pasting them oh and one More thing that I forgot to add click on Promote of the Perpetual income uh Select the default page or go with like Netflix page and click on create a hop Link so we can actually promote the the Product and they want to go to high Level go to the forms right here and go Right here to the options you can call The form whatever but on submit click on Open URL and put your affiliate link Right here okay this is where you Actually put your affiliate link so when People are going to submit the opt-in Form they are actually going to land on Your affiliate Alpha and click on Save Form which is very important I almost Forgot to add it because I'm recording The video so sorry for that it's already There now just go to the automation Workflow and pretty much go to start From scratch and this is very cool part Because this offers that are pretty much Higher priced or have like higher Commissions usually have a lot of done For your services done for you affiliate Resources that you can use to our Advantage so we're going to add a new Workflow trigger now you can see when

You're going to go through this there's Plenty of them there's really plenty of Them and you can customize it however You want but for us for this automation You really just need to click on contact Created okay so when there's like a new Contact created it's done okay so when a New person is going to enter their Details into their opt-in form it's Going to be we're working for them and Click on Save trigger okay so contact Create it and then pretty much click on Plus and we are going to send an email And now here is the awesome part you Literally just go do ClickBank and you Go to affiliate page and then you don't Have to enter any details just click Here if you are already sign ups you are Actually going to go to the page and Click on email swipes right here and you Can literally just copy and paste these Email swipes which are right here into High level so there are like three Subject lines right here so I'm just Going to copy this part stop Netflix and Chill in go back to high level go right Here and pretty much action name email From name Eric taggy from email email and now just copy and paste the Subject line then go back to Perpetual Income right here and pretty much just Copy and paste this entire email go back To high level and paste it right here And just add your affiliate link okay so

Make sure to resize it and there I'm Just going to add it like this I must Admit it okay okay okay and now just Copy your affiliate link for Perpetual Income you can create a hop link copy That go back to high level and okay this Is going to be the affiliate link just Like this and make it bold now just Change the name and this can literally Make you like two thousand dollars per Day because you can literally get a lot Of sales on one day without actually Even sending any traffic from the Automations okay so this might take like I don't know five to ten minutes to set Up but please just set it up because This is going to be working for you on Autopilot okay and click on Save action And now pretty much we add a new Automation and we pretty much want to Wait okay so you don't want to send Another email like right away because It's going to send out like 10 emails at Once just scroll all the way down right Here conditions and workflows and you Can click on wait you're going to wait And now pretty much we are going to wait For you can select it like minutes hours Or days but you want to select one and Just one day okay and click on Save Action and then click on another plus Icon I'm gonna send email and now here's What you're going to do so again enter Your first name sorry from name and

You're from email just like this and now Go back to Perpetual income and pretty Much copy and paste the second email Just like this put it right here and Then just copy the entire email then put It right here then copy your affiliate Link just like this and you want to put It there where it's highlighted for the Link okay so I'm just going to delete The first name and then pretty much this Is going to be the affiliate link and It's very easy to recognize so you don't Even have to like look for it and this Is going to be linked as well and best Eric taggy delete these parts highlight These parts and add the links make it Bold and then that's another email save Action and then I just want to do it for Like five to seven emails preferably Even like 14 emails because that means That this automation is going to be Working for you like two weeks you can Actually just send some traffic just Some traffic today and for the next two Weeks it's going to be working for you Sending out these promotional emails With your own affiliate link you can Literally just wake up and see affiliate Commissions on your smartphone and now Very important you want to make sure You're going to publish it and you're Going to save it because otherwise it's Not going to work okay so you can see It's been saved but you also want to

Make sure it's going to be published Because if it's not published it has Going to be like a draft and when people Are going to enter their email address It's not going to like actually work and Deliver the emails the workload is going To work in email itself but it's not Going to be actually working for you and Now when the page is actually ready you Just want to send some targeted buyers Traffic to it so people are actually Going to go through this page they are Going to enter their first name and Email right here you're going to build Up your email list and you are also Going to start generating these Affiliate commissions now for this I Highly recommend you're going to use the Traffic so that I mentioned in the Previous video because in the video I Literally just focused on the traffic Source in this video I want to show you How to actually scale this from like 300 To like two thousand dollars per day With this Automation and now for the Traffic you literally just need to watch This video I'm going to show you exactly How to get targeted buyers traffic so You can actually start building up your Buyers list and start generating these Sales in as soon as 48 hours if you want To see that just click on this video Right here it's going to take you Directly there and go ahead sign up to

High level from the link in the video Description create your funnel and then Use this traffic Source right here

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