What is the Fat Rich Pig?

Seems a very strange name for a product – rich pig? What is the Fat Rich Pig about? The Fat Rich Pig is a combination of an ebook on affiliate marketing and computer software program that takes affiliate marketing to the next level.

It’s interesting to get on affiliate marketing forums and see people complaining that Clickbank is stealing my commissions. I doubt – Clickbank business is built on a reputation of providing a service to both publishers and affiliates – that reputation wouldn’t survive for very long in the internet marketing world if they ever did such a thing. What then makes serious marketers making a thousand dollars plus a week online suddenly suspect that clickbank is stealing their commissions? Its because they see a successful marketing campaign suddenly drop for no reason. What they haven’t suspected is that someone has been spying on their successful campaign and hijacked it.

So who would do such a thing? Who has been quietly testing their software and reaping thousands of dollars from other peoples campaign. Finally the truth has come out – the Fat Rich Pig, alias NCMedia. Due for release today is the Fat Rich Pig who is revealing the secrets and the software on how he has been not just bumping people’s campaign, but has been all over them. Now people will start to stop blaming clickbank for “stealing” their commissions and realize that they have been played by someone writing a new set of rules in affiliate marketing. The only way to complete will be to pay to learn his methods and use his software – sure your going to make him rich by buying his program, but at least you won’t be blaming clickbank anymore for stealing your commissions, in fact you might just save your affiliate marketing business.

Source by Alastair Harris