ZERO-COST +$213 Per Day Method For Newbies (Make Money Online 2023)

Okay check this out you can see that Today I was able to make 1.1 thousand Dollars already then yesterday I got Paid 1.3 thousand dollars in the last Seven days I got paid six thousand seven Hundred and ninety dollars and in the Last month which is actually March I got Paid over thirty two thousand dollars Which is over one thousand dollars per Day on average and in today's video guys I'm actually going to show you a Zerocast method on how you can make over Two hundred dollars per day even if You're a complete beginner I was going Through the comments and I was also Chatting with a couple of you guys and I Was asking you if you prefer free Traffic or you prefer paid traffic and What I think is the best answer that I Got from at least couple you guys was You like to get started with free Traffic make some money first but then Definitely reinvest the money into pay Traffic that's exactly what I'm going to Show you with a guaranteed approval Method on how to promote products on Warrior plus even if you have no sales You just created a brand new account and You have no money that you would like to Invest out of your own Pockets but Before we get started don't forget to Please smash like on this video Subscribe to the channel hit Notification Bell and let's get started

With a step-by-step tutorial okay guys Now this is my worry Plus account and You can see that today I was pretty much Able to make 1.1 thousand dollars this Is all affiliate commissions okay this Is not pre-profit I was spending some Money on paid traffic because I don't Want to be using free traffic for this Is just by using my income in the profit System I pretty much 1.1 thousand Dollars right here now yesterday I was At one point three thousand dollars Almost like 1.4 000 just like less than Five dollars away from that and the last Seven days I made six point seven Thousand dollars so very close to Actually making one thousand dollars per Day on average because I don't make Every single day one thousand dollars I Have like very bad days I will show you That in a second but the last month this Is for the last this man which pretty Much was March I made 32 000 691 and Pretty much 37 cents so over one Thousand dollars per day on average but Also I did not make over one thousand Dollars every single day I had like Lower days and then I had a very good Days that's exactly how it works in Internet marketing you can see it right Here for example like today I made 1.1 K But for example right here I only made 533 dollars right here just 515 and then Right like right here 1.3 so it's always

Fluctuates so you don't have to make Money on the first day just be Consistent with the methods that I show You and overall you're going to see some Results in terms of like clicks and if You see some clicks that means you can Actually make sale because if you see a Click on your affiliate link that means This method is alive it can trans and Can translate generating you affiliate Sales now step one what you want to do Is just go to Warrior plus go to the Affiliate section go to the offers right Here and we want to pick up a good Affiliate offer to promote now the cool Part about Warrior plus is you can see All the numbers that they have right Here pretty much like how many sales the Conversion rate the visitor value all That good stuff how much money is Actually making but I also want to show You a guaranteed approval offer that Actually got you guys approved for Because when I was recommending products In Warrior plus the one reason I didn't Want to do it on YouTube because you Need to get approved but I actually Spoke to creator of a product and you Can see he told me I'm getting a Ton of affiliate requests from your Staff LOL last 48 hours or so if they Want to be Auto approved on couple of Offers of other of others I will approve Them for profit pad and affiliate one

And pretty much all you have to do is Just tell them just do incurity to money Only so you just want to write this in In the approval section okay Incognito Money just like this now it's for profit Pad and also affiliate one so if I Search for profit pad and hit enter it Should show me the alpha right here Hopefully I yeah this is the one so it's Profit pad and this is going to be the Affiliate offer that you want to go for First of all because I know it's going To be a very good offer but also because You guys are going to get guaranteed Approval on it no questions asked it Makes us 1.8 thousand dollars daily Passively here's how can replicate our System with simple three clicks I know This is going to work super well for This method so you just gotta go for This okay then you want to click on Request approval on the right hand Section right here and just right there What the master said himself just right There incognito money and just put it Right here okay don't need to write Anything else his team is going to go Through your applications and if you Just write their income into money That's like the least chance of them Missing it you are going to get Guaranteed approval okay so this is all You got to do and if you're going to Request offer and I hopefully I'm going

To get guaranteed approval because I Have some sales history so let's see how This is going to work and bam yeah I got The approval so this is how it works and Also when you go to the products you are Going to see when you go to products These are all the products that are Currently in the funnel so you can see Like the the there's the main product There is this bump offer special Discount unlimited autopilot done for You agency super reseller all these Bells and whistles that can make you Even more money okay so you can see for The main product which is actually 29 And you are getting paid 100 of the Commissions guaranteed approval guys Told you about it you are going to get Paid all the amount that you're going to Generate you can also make for example You make 29 and then for example someone Is going to buy this product and also This product over 230 dollars you can Make per day just from one single sale Okay and those are just like the two Best upsells in the final so this is the Reason to go for the offer again go for Any other offer I don't care but I know For this one you are going to get Guaranteed approval and the method I'm Going to show you it works for very very Cool and the next thing what you want to Do and this is going to be completely Free by the way just go to get the

Response and you want to sign up for a Free account there's going to be a free Account in the video description you can Just use in my link again and I might Get some commission if you're going to Pay for it now for get response because I know it's like a cheap product and Also very good product that all the Marketers should be using it's just 13 Per month this is a thing where I tell You like it's going to be a free method And then you need to pay for it no you Don't have to pay for it but no if You're going to pay for this software You are more likely to take action on This you should go in to get everything Literally for free and you are just not Even committing to the method so I Highly recommend you are actually going To pay for this just for a month okay You can use the free trial if you just Pay for it right away you're like okay I Want to do it and you are going to do it And just like 1 3 one half of the main Front-end sale is going to pay for the Entire amount of get response okay so if You don't want to commit to this method You can go for free I don't care but Also the most most success stories that I see are from people who actually pay For the education pay for the tools Because then they actually commit and Also I see it on myself and I was Getting started I was trying to get

Everything for free and yeah I got some Results but it wasn't as cool as ebonyi Started to pay for things okay when I Started to pay for things I started to Pay attention and also I was committing More to the methods and that's when the Bigger results actually started in now Just sign up for get response then go to Tools right here and you want to go Where is the section right here go to The landing pages we are going to create A super simple landing page because you Want to be capturing the traffic you are Going to be getting from this method Okay now for this method we don't need To do any kind of like top converting uh First of all landing page for the first Part okay so you can literally go for Any of these now there's plenty of them Let's go go for like this one this green One or for this one both of them are Cool so click on select template and Let's call it like a profit pad because That's the one that we are using click On next step and pretty much what you Want to put on a sales page sorry the Landing page is going to be the headline From the sales page okay and the Headline is right here it makes us 1.8k Daily passively here's how you can Replicate our success with three simple Clicks okay so you don't have any Scheduled webinars okay cancel that we Don't need that now first of all you

Want to delete these parts because they Are not really needed we just need this High quality headline right here then This sub headline and then save my spot Okay and then you can delete this part And also delete this part delete this Part right here delete this part to Delete this part and also delete this Part right here okay now for the Headline just again just copy this part Click here and paste it right here so it Makes us 1.8k daily passively And also maybe change the color to the Nice looking green one okay so it's Going to be shiny I'll click on OK not Entire thing I wanted the entire thing To be white okay and then these section Right here let's change it to green and Click on ok cool just like this it makes Us a 1.8k daily password Here can Replicate and I need to write here our Success with three simple clicks just Like this and then move this part a Little bit up with this part a little Bit down Coolio and I'm going to right Here Click below to watch Full free video Okay and just like this and then this Part is going to say I'm going to resize It click here to watch the full video For free and this is going to be very Important because I'll show you why we Are using the free video Angle now what

You want to do is you want to grab your Affiliate links you can actually make Money from this method grab your Affiliate link and then go to the my When you click on the continue on the Landing page just scroll down make sure To select the list you want to be using If you are brand new just select the Basic list and then add into the Cyclone Day and then just keep it as it is now The thank you page you want to select Custom thank you page and add your Affiliate link that's where people are Going to land on once they're enter Their email address and then click on Publish right here so we can actually Get the link to our landing page and the Landing page is going to be right here Okay so this is my landing page and if I'm going to visit it bam this is the Landing page it mixes 1.8k and then People click here they enter their email Address and then they are going to be Landing on the affiliate offer which is Going to be right here where they can See the exact headline again so the Congruency is going to be there watch The video make a purchase and we are Going to get paid now the next thing for The free method what you want to do is Just go to Google and search for Vimeo Downloader for Chrome and you are going To land on this Google Chrome web store And you can actually add it to Chrome as

An extension okay and this is going to Allow you to download any vimeo video From a website just by clicking on one Button and that button is going to be Right here you can see it right here Okay otherwise the button is not going To be there and this is what we are Going to be using for pretty much the Promotional strategy okay because this Video right here is going to be selling The product but we can also use the Video and pretty much use it to get Traffic and sell the product game okay So you just click right here and you Just want to download it okay just go For like the 360 or also if you're going To use other plugin you can download it For 180 I have a different plugin but This one is I think better because it's Like the newer version and it has over 100 000 users so I just I have like a Different one to download the videos Also it's for wistia and stuff like that We just want to download the video okay Just for this takeout video I'm not Going to do it right now I want issue What to do with the video after that and Then you want to go to this website Which is called bit okay then Go right here and just want to register For an account so click on register and Just enter pretty much your username and Your email address and to your password Don't need to enter in the referral code

Click on yes and then I agree create an Account and then they are going to send You a verification email go to your Email address confirm it and your Account is going to be ready to rock and Roll so I'm just going to sign up and Then pretty much what you want to do is Go right here and it's going to ask you To create a channel so instead of upload A new video right here you just click on It it will create you a channel and then You can upload a video now pretty much All you have to do is just upload the Video right here that you're going to Download from the sales page then also Use a thumbnail or just use a thumbnail From the video you can select like a Time timestamp from the video as a Thumbnail and then this is the important Part of the video title description and Search terms so here's what you want to Write here you want to put your Something very generic and vague and Related to online business online Marketing but definitely not make money Online or affiliate marketing because This website is going to then uh spam You and it's going to block your account And you cannot post anymore you just Want to put something like this this is An example that would work but also Modeled after that online training how Our online business earns sorry earns Four figures per day so I'm very blank

And I'm very like vague I don't make any Claims it's like four figures can be Like one thousand two thousand so you Can't really use those very aggressive Numbers like 380 000 or 4 370.55 cents per day don't do that just Go with like how our online business so Online business not after the marketing Not make money online online business Earns four figures three figures or Whatever figure is on the sales page per Day then the description the same exact Part but right here full video can be Seen here after subscribing to our Newsletter and then this is where your Landing is going to go to because we Want to be transparent the people need To subscribe to our newsletter and also It's again not opting to my landing page But subscribing to our newsletter so the Language is very very polite and also Very clean so we are not going to get Disabled on this platform and then Pretty much content Services content Sensitivity normal Search terms online Business work from home side hustle and Then make sure to proceed to publish it The right way this is going to get you Some instant free traffic that you can Use to make money and then here's what You do with that if you want to go to and by the way a link for a Five dollar coupon can be found in the Video description if you sign up you'll

Get like a fridge five dollars for Traffic to use right here and you just Want to buy solo ads okay because also James told me that pretty much Soul ads Work right away I think it's right here Uh you can see right here affiliate one And profit pad are converting well with Solos pretty much with solo ads with Cold traffic to like a good offer about Making money online it's like very Generic make money online offer so this Traffic is going to work super super Well for that and that's like a inside Information Nation pretty much the way To buy the Silhouettes is first of all There are two very important Steps step Number one make sure you are not using The promoted uh sellers not just not use It just don't use them to judge the Results by just scroll make sure you are Using gut sales and sorted by sales and Then scroll past the promoted Sellers And then use these metrics because this Person right here actually has 92 Percent success ratio in generating Sales from his traffic this one 89 right Here you can see 89 right here so just Want to buy like from for example from Gabe he sells traffic for 40 cents per Click and 89 of the people from last 100 Is pretty much 89 from the last 100 Reported they got sales so this is a Person you want to use and also just use This one right here this metric sales

And scroll past the promoted but also You need to have a different landing Page for this one now the type of Landing page you want to use is going to Be not looking like this but it's going To be looking like this very aggressive Make money online dollar figures sends Exact numbers uh red arrows a red Circles like this something like this I Have shown you how to create this in my Past video so I'm not going to go Through that you can use the same exact Landing page builder on get response to Create a page just like this this is for Some other one of their other other Offers you can see the headline is kind Of like the same one click blast off Again straight into your account again It's like the same type of uh title that They are using for the offers because it Just converts super super well with so Wet and soul wise are the thing that They are generating a traffic wage we Want to use this aggressive page with Silhouette but first make money by using This generic very polite landing page And be chewed as a free traffic source And then once you make the money use the Refer a link in the description to get a Free coupon for udemy so you can Actually get some free money for the Advertising and then use aggressive page Just like this to promote the same exact Offer make sure to go with the affiliate

One or profit pad because James told me They work super well and also you are Going to get guaranteed approval and the Main product is going to pay you 100 of The commissions and that's it I hope you Enjoyed this video guys let me know what You think about it in the comment Section below and also if you're going To make some money videos make sure let Me know about it as well and also check Out next video quick right here and I Will see you there right now bye bye

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