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So you want to copy your affiliate link Just rightly click on copy then just Paste it right here and then you're Going to receive this coupon code now Just copy this coupon code and put it Onto the website so again just copy and Assignment to do on the website and this Is what I received you can see I got a 500 coupon and all I have to do is just Add a payment method by 18th of December Now the best part about this this coupon Is available to anybody worldwide you Can get it yourself now how did I Receive this coupon now all you have to Do is just go to what's going on guys in Today's video I want to show you a zero Risk 450 method for complete beginners This is something that anybody can do Worldwide without zero risk because you Are actually going to receive a 500 Coupon and this works worldwide and the First thing you want to do is just go to and then just want to go To the marketplace section now I will Show you how to do this for one offer How to actually make money with just one Alpha without zero risk and then you can Apply to all the other offers as well so Just click on search and we are really Looking for like popular offers so click On search and then make sure you're Going sort the results by and you want To go with gravity okay because we are Looking for affiliate offers that are

Being heavily promoted now the first one You can see has no gravity because it's Sponsored so you want to make sure You're going to skip the sponsored ones And then go for any of these like xcpure Pro-den team Acadia juice alpylene red Boost any of these affiliate offers that Are right here like wealth manifestation Java burn pretty much any of these that Are going to be here the niche doesn't Matter what really matters is actually The gravity of the offer so this is Actually going to be working for it if It has a very low gravity it's not going To work but it has a very high gravity You can potentially make more than 450 Dollars per day with using these offers Now before I show you the next step if You love videos about making money Online don't forget to like the video I Would really appreciate it and also be Sure to subscribe to the channel if you Want to be updated with all the brand New methods I post completely for free On this channel I literally post videos Every other day teaching you all kinds Of different ways on how to make money Online so yeah if you are interested in That don't forget to like subscribe hit The bell and comment down below and tell Me if you are going to take action on This method or if you are just going to Watch this video for entertainment I Would really like to know that if you

Are watching this video to actually take Action on it or you are just looking for An entertainment and maybe if it's good Enough maybe if it's easy enough you are Going to take action okay now the next Step for this method what you want to do Is pretty much just grab any of these Affiliate offers now the thing you want To actually grab is going to be the Sales page URL so click on the name of The offer so click right here and visit It so something like this you can see I Only copied the first part of the Website now the next thing you want to Head over to website that's called and pretty much just sign up For a free account using Google the sign Up process takes like two seconds and You want to paste the name of the domain Right here and click on search now this Is a completely free bot and what this Is going to show you is something that's Worth 10 of thousands of dollars but It's going to do completely for free so You don't have to pay for it at all now Click right here on the ads and then go Right here to Bing slash Yahoo and what This is going to show you are all the Advertisements that other people are Currently running to this affiliate Offer now why would that actually matter The reason why it matters is because There's also a column right here that's Going to sell you days scene now the day

Scene means how long has this campaign Has been running now what this actually Means is if this campaign was profitable Or not because if someone is actually Running a campaign for more than a few Days they wouldn't be doing that if it Wasn't profitable and this software is Actually going to pull out all this data And give it to you on the silver platter Just like this completely for free so For example this campaign right here has Been running for 76 days who in their Right mind would spend money on the Campaign for 76 days if it was not Making them money and this is the exact Ad copy they have been using and Bam These are also the exact keywords they Have been running this campaign for so If you're going to click there you can See you can actually get all the Keywords all the information completely For free and by the way you can do it For all these offers that are on ClickBank I encourage you to go out There and try it right now because this Is going to completely blow your mind Away now once we have this information In a second I'm going to share with you How to actually do this completely Risk-free but before that I want to show You what to actually do with this Information all you need to do is just Go to Microsoft advertising okay like Microsoft ads or Bing ads back in the

Day it was called Bing because it's like Search engine Bing but the advertisement Platform is called Microsoft ads okay Microsoft advertising and then you just Want to create a brand new campaign now First I'm going to show you how to Create such campaign and then I want to Show you another hack on how to get a 5 Hundred dollar coupon completely for Free so this entire campaign is going to Be completely risk-free now depending on Where are you from this coupon can be Like 200 300 Euros 400 Australian Dollars there might be some ad spend Required there might be no ad spend Required but every single time you are Going to receive completely free money So you can actually advertise this Campaign completely risk-free now to set It up just select visits to my website And then pretty much call The Campaign Something like the name of the campaign So work from home icebo Nash then the Budget go with like twenty dollars right Here then the location you want to go With United States so let me choose a Specific location go with like United States right here and just hit enter so It's going to show up the country and Click on target then scroll down and Only people in your targeted locations And check the second part that's very Important scroll down click on Save and Go to the next step now check that your

Website is not ready click right here And then add group name just call it Like ISP unash keywords and this is Pretty much all you have to do just copy And paste these keywords right here so Social media salary make money with Social media uh bam right here hit enter Then make money from social media Paste it right there and then one more Social media and marketing jobs so just Like this okay so now we have four Keywords now depending on the ad Campaign you're going to select you can Add more keywords or less so you can see This one has only four this one has one This has been two this has been running For 16 days that's kind of I don't know 16 is okay but you have like a lot more Keywords right here you can just mix and Match them together just make sure the Campaign has been running for decent Time because that means it has been Profitable so then go back to Microsoft Ads and Gonna Save and Go to The Next Step and now right here right it's going To ask you ads and AD extensions you Want to click on create add right here And this is where you want to create Your advertisement now go with Responsive search ad that's pretty basic Now the final URL is going to be the URL That you have copy and pasted right here Into the ISP on ash okay so make sure You're going to add it right there and

Now for the headlines you literally just Copy and paste this part so paying Social media jobs copy this paste it There then this is the second part Gap It is paste it there and then copy this Work at home And paste it there okay so that's Already neat then pin the first one in The first part being the second one on The second part and pin the third one And the third part okay and then for the Description guess what you are just Going to copy and paste this part until There's the little period the Little Dot That would means it's the first Description part just like this and then Copy and paste the second part as well Copy and paste it right here bam so now We have our advertisement ready to go And this is making money okay this is Mickey money and this is something That's going to be making you money as Well but you need to add your affiliate Link so what you want to do is Click Right here on ADD URL options click There and this is where you're going to Add your of the link so this was for me A good pay to use Facebook Twitter and YouTube so click on promote copy your Hop link copy it and put it right here And this is it and then you want to test It out see if it's going to work and it Says final URL mismatch so depending on The affiliate link sometimes goes to

Another website so all you really have To do is just visit that affiliate link And then just copy and paste the URL you Are going to land on and just edit it Right here so the final URL is going to Be right here and now we're going to Test it once again and we're going to Tell you landing page found so this is All you have to do just visit the Affiliate link edit there and it's going To change to the screen check mark make Sure you're going to do it because Otherwise sometimes your campaign might Be disapproved and then click on Save Right here you don't need to create any More advertisements then scroll down Click on Save and Go to The Next Step And now comes very important part so Select your individual budget go with Like 20 per day I will show you how to Actually get the coupon okay I will show You that do not worry then scroll down And now for the bit strategy the one That you want to select is enhanced CPC Right here and adjust my bit to get more Conversions you want to use this one and If you actually don't have this option Because I know some accounts don't Already have this option you want to go From maximize clicks okay maximize Clicks and select I want to set a Maximum cost per click and then you want To put there like 40 cents okay this is Something you want to do this is the

Best strategy for this method to make Just some easy money you don't really Have to worry about anything at all then Scroll down click on Advanced campaign Settings and then right here at the Bottom it says add distribution and then Right here this is very important by the Way this is the most important setting Because otherwise you're going to get a Bunch of fake low quality traffic that's Not going to get you any sales you want To select owned and operated only go With this one go with this one I'm Telling you if you're not going to do This you are not going to get high Quality traffic you will get some low Quality traffic from banners where People are don't really care about your Product this is very very important and Just click on Save once again and then Now our campaign is green it's ready to Go and that's it now you just let it run Until it's going to spend the coupon and Just check your ClickBank account and if It's not spending as much money what you Want to do is just creating multiple Campaigns like this from the ISP and Ash So you're going to search for another Alpha right here that you're going to Find on ClickBank to copy another URL Put it right here and set this up for Multiple products okay now how to Actually get this coupon the 500 Credit Now first of all I'm telling you for

Different countries I'm actually from Slovakia so this is from a different Country then you are going to be most Likely from if you are from Slovakia Then comment down below something Postolensky so I know you are from Slovakia but anyways I don't I cannot Really promise you're going to get 500 But this is how to get a coupon okay This is the email that I received it's 97 b e a a this is the coupon code and It's an email that I received directly From Microsoft ads two days ago okay and The reason that I received this email is Because I created a brand new Microsoft Advertising account you can see it right Here I can start a campaign with 500 Credit before it's too late and I did Not add a payment method if you're going To just get a brand new advertising Account whether it's Google ads maybe on Facebook ads Microsoft ads or any kind Of advertising platform you're going to Create it but you are not going to add a Payment method they are going to entice You to add it there with some form of a Coupon in this case I received a 500 Coupon when I'm going to spend like 250 Dollars so this is honestly one of the Best coupons you can actually find Online because they will literally give You 500 completely for free and all you Need to spend is like 250 dollars just Sign up for an account do not add your

Payment details and just check your Inbox until you're going to receive an Email that's going to look something Like this and that's it I hope you Enjoyed this video don't forget to let Me know what you think about it in the Comment section below and if you like to See another money making method that has Been specifically selected for you by The YouTube algorithm then check out This video right here which is going to Show you the best money making method For you click here I'm gonna see you Here bye for now

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